Olivia Plum with the Love Cosmetics Awards 2021

The next Love Cosmetics Awards 2021 gala took place on Thursday, May 28, 2021. Olivia Plum was the winner of one of the categories - which one? Read on and you will find out!

Love Cosmetics Awards is more than just a competition. The jury selects the best Polish brands and cosmetic products that deserve promotional support in Poland and abroad. Through the English-language portal LoveCosmeticsAwards.com, winning products are promoted on the world's largest cosmetics markets, which often opens the way for expansion for Polish brands. From the beginning, the idea of ​​the competition was to build the Polish Beauty brand recognizable all over the world. Becoming an LCA winner is therefore a big responsibility, because we are talking here much more broadly than just about the home country, the winner represents Poland in the international arena, they expose themselves to an assessment that may affect the opinion of the entire Polish cosmetics market.

However, what is most important to us - the Olivia Plum team - is the fact that LCA is a competition built on three values: quality, credibility and independence. The submitted products are assessed by a professional jury consisting of real experts in their fields - market, brand, science, quality, social media and communication.

In line with the slogan of the Competition #brand #emotions #quality the winner can only be a cosmetic concept that is a real brand, evokes only positive emotions and provides consumers with the highest quality.

That's why... we are so happy that this year we received one of the statuettes. And not just any one, but one related to the values ​​and philosophy of the brand: LCA 2021: MY VALUES NATURALLY WITH LOVE. We would like to thank the jurors and, of course, Lidia Lewandowska (Piękniejsze Życie Foundation, Cosmetics Insight Poland), who is responsible for organizing the plebiscite in which absolutely the entire industry takes part. The award makes us even happier and motivates us even more to continue working. We are glad that the values ​​we smuggle in every day in our communication and the entire philosophy of the brand reach experts and you, "ordinary - extraordinary" people, girls like us. Women Olivia Plum. Thank you!

PS: You can read more about the LCA award for the Olivia Plum brand and an interview with Ania (founder of the brand) at Virtual Cosmetics portal. (click!)

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