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Interesting, reliable and on point - as always with Monika from the Perfect Basic blog. Her latest entry is a real compendium of knowledge that is definitely worth checking out. If you want to get to know our products even better and learn a few care tricks, please read the whole thing here: , and below you will find a short teaser ;)

Polish cosmetics – My name is Plum, Olivia Plum

"Olivia Plum cosmetics - effective, pleasant and natural. I invite you for some personal information and a text about a great Polish brand run by a woman.

My best friend lives in Spain. She moved out over 20 years ago, but our friendship has survived and I visit her regularly. During my studies, I spent holidays with her - she had a small apartment in the heart of Barcelona, ​​so we went to the beach, sightseeing and partying a lot. Nowadays our biggest sin is girls' nights on the terrace drinking wine, but we still have a great time.

There is also a cosmetic tradition - every time I bring a cosmetics review and a proven Polish brand. This year, among others: I chose Olivia Plum (I've known it for several years and I'm sure of the quality) because Magda likes natural products from small factories run by women. She is a busy mother, she has no time for multi-stage treatments, it has to be quick, effective and pleasant. Olivia Plum meets these requirements, it is run by a woman, and the project of charity texts for Ukraine is a good fit.

Olivia Plum cosmetics – don't get lost in the choice, but you can take certain actions!

Olivia Plum's cosmetics recipes are short, simple and clear. There is not a large and complicated choice, but when buying these cosmetics you can be sure that you are receiving an effective care base for all skin types. The company's offer also includes brushes, massage oil and brilliant roller rollers.

Photos come from the Perfect Basic blog.

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