Clean Girl Trend - what is it?

Trend Clean Girl - co to jest?

Under the hashtag #cleangirl you will find thousands of posts on Instagram and even more videos on Tik Tok. What is the trend that the entire Gen Z generation has fallen in love with? Is it worth knowing it and maybe even trying it out? Or can you safely forget about it while waiting for the next fad? Check out what it's all about!

Clean girl in makeup

When you google this term, you will surely come up with a lot of tutorials and makeup tips. And it is indeed one of the most popular beauty trends that could be seen on the streets in the summer, and there are many indications that it will stay with us also in the fall. Clean girls have only a few products in their makeup bag because makeup is only supposed to highlight beauty, not cover it. The basis is natural, fresh-looking and slightly blushed skin, long natural eyelashes, fluffy eyebrows and shiny lips in a delicate shade. When we leave the house, we must look neat and clean, without letting anyone know that we have spent more than a few minutes in front of the mirror. Does this trend only apply to the sphere of make-up? Definitely not! The key word here is "natural" and healthy skin. So it all starts with care!

Clean girl in care

Regardless of what beauty innovation appears in a given season, well-groomed skin is the most important thing. In the case of a clean girl, it plays a special role because it is particularly exposed. With such a minimalist approach to makeup, there is no room for heavy foundations, strong contours or extremely matte skin. Thus, this trend strongly refers to another trend in the world of beauty, which is skinimalism. What is skinminimalism? The combination of the words "skin" and "minimalism" not only sounds nice, but also perfectly reflects the philosophy of this trend. Care should be as simple and effective as possible. The idea of 鈥嬧媠kinminimalism definitely fits into the Olivia Plum brand, because our basis is natural ingredients, minimal ingredients and super effective active ingredients. A properly selected routine does not have to be excessively long or necessarily multi-stage. Minimalism on the bathroom shelf often translates into minimalism in life, i.e.鈥

Clean girl in life!

鈥educing the number of objects and clothes surrounding us, reducing the frequency of shopping, returning to naturalness and nature, and ultimately putting aside the mobile phone in favor of time spent with family. Did you expect such conclusions when reading the first paragraph about makeup? Let us remember that every novelty and trend has its roots a little deeper, in our surroundings, society and beliefs. Clean girl is not just a matter of applying less blush or mascara. This is a beautiful idea that can be translated into many aspects of life, which we, as a natural cosmetic brand, especially encourage you to do! Be a Clean Girl with Olivia Plum.

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