Olivia Plum Subscription

Olivia Plum subscription is the purchase of cosmetics on a subscription basis.

Choose your favorite cosmetics that you use regularly and we will deliver them to you every 1, 2 or 3 months. We send the first package to you immediately after paying for the order, and the next ones - at the interval you choose.

Olivia Plum Subscription

How do I start an Olivia Plum subscription?

It's simple: go to the website of the product you are interested in, select the "subscription" purchase option , and not - as usual - "one-time purchase". Then select the shipping frequency: every 30, 60 or 90 days and add products to the cart. Ready!

Olivia Plum subscription saves time and money.

When shopping in a subscription , you have a permanent 15% discount and a guarantee of "old prices" until the end of 2022, if you sign up for the subscription until September 4, 2022 inclusive (from September 5, we are introducing an increase in the prices of selected products). You don't have to follow and wait for promotions on your favorite cosmetics, because you always buy them at a promotional price. Additionally , you don't have to remember to check stocks , run to the store and place orders online. You will only do it once and then we will make sure that you don't miss anything!

So how? Are you joining the Club?