Gua Sha or roller - which facial massage tool should you choose? What are the differences

Gua Sha czy roller - kt贸re narz臋dzie do masa偶u twarzy wybra膰? Jakie s膮 r贸偶nice

Do you perform two-step make-up removal? Do you use tonic in the morning and evening? Always remember about serum and cream? Your care is complete, but you can take it to the next level! How? Adding a soothing facial massage to your daily skin rituals. Check which massage tool to choose and learn the basic differences between them.

The most popular tools on the market for home facial (and body) massage are: the Gua Sha stone and the so-called double-sided roller. Roller . Both are usually made of natural stones. Roller gained popularity in Poland along with the Korean care trend and has since become a part of many Polish women's cosmetic bags. The history of the Gua Sha massager is closely related to the development of Chinese philosophy and medicine, based on the belief in maintaining the balance between the elements of yin and yang found in the human body, the imbalance of which manifests itself in disease states in the body. Both are easy enough to use that you don't need to go to a spa for them to help you achieve zen. These massagers will be your ally in the home fight for beautiful, relaxed skin.

Read on to learn the differences between these two massagers. Learn the details to help you determine which one best suits your needs. We want you to understand how Gua Sha works and how to use the roller so that you can make an informed decision which facial massager to choose for yourself. Every skin is different and has different needs, but everyone benefits from a daily massage included in their care routine.

Facial massage roller

We're sure that if you have an Instagram account, you've seen the roller skater many times. It is the most popular facial care tool in this medium, because in addition to the fact that when used regularly, it improves the condition of the face, it simply looks beautiful! A typical roller consists of two stone rollers (large and small) made of natural stone such as jade, rose quartz or opal. In fact, it is a kind of guasha tool, but in a simplified form, easier to use, especially at the beginning of our adventure with home massage.

The basic task for which the roller was created is to stimulate the skin and help the lymphatic system to increase blood flow to the skin in order to nourish the skin from the inside. If the massage is performed after applying a care product such as a serum or cream, the facial roller helps increase its absorption. If we are talking about stimulating the skin, it is worth noting that the roller can be kept in the refrigerator - the chilled stones will be even better at "waking up" the face in the morning, reducing swelling around the eyes and removing tensions caused during sleep. Roller massage is simpler and more gentle than Gua Sha massage. You can do it in a few minutes while drinking coffee or reading the newspaper. You don't even need a mirror to perform the massage, so it's the perfect tool if you're short on time. The effect and friction on the skin is not very strong, the skin is not red immediately after the massage, so you can use it before going to work or at a banquet. Due to the gentleness described above, it is suitable and recommended for people even with very sensitive, delicate or vascular skin. Smoothing the skin with cold rollers is a real relaxation for tired skin and your investment in taut skin.

Perform the massage with rollers on cleansed and toned skin. We especially recommend performing it on previously applied serum or oil , which will ensure smooth glide, and the active ingredients contained in the cosmetics will be introduced into the deeper layers of the epidermis thanks to the massage.

Apply a small amount of serum to your face and neck. Start the massage with the neck by dragging the roller from the neckline to the chin. Then move from the inside to the outside of the face and from the bottom to the top of the mouth, working against the force of gravity. Use the large head to massage your forehead, cheeks, neck and chin. Don't forget about the skin around the eyes, which should be treated with a smaller and narrower roller. After the massage, place the roller in the refrigerator if you want an enhanced refreshing effect during the next massage.

To sum up, the benefits of using a facial roller massage:

  • the coldness of the stone reduces swelling and bags under the eyes
  • stimulation of collagen and elastin fibers
  • improving the oval of the face
  • increase in skin elasticity and firmness
  • has a detoxifying effect
  • reduces wrinkles
  • accelerates cell renewal
  • reduces swelling and wrinkles on the face
  • brightens the skin
  • has a relaxing and soothing effect

Gua Sha massage

Gua sha is a specific form of therapeutic massage originating from Asia. Although this stone has only been talked about in Poland for a few years, the practice of using this type of massager is over 3,000 years old. Initially, it was used to heal the body (and we will also describe below how you can relieve muscle tension on the body with the help of a gua sha plate), but now it is mainly talked about in the context of beauty benefits. Interestingly, if you have someone among your friends or family who struggles with jaw tension (so-called trismus) or suffers from chronic headache - Gua Sha can help them too!

Gua Sha facial massage stone , differences between Gua Sha massage and roller massage

Unlike a roller, which works by stroking the skin in the right direction, a gua sha plate massage involves scraping the skin using shorter and longer strokes. Initially and traditionally, the skin was scraped with animal horns, currently the most popular are jade stones (called the stone of youth). Gua Sha stone massage is a more professional treatment than roller massage, and the ritual itself requires a little more skill and experience. We recommend it to people who are experienced in roller massage and those who can find at least 7 minutes to sit in front of a mirror and scrape their skin with concentration.

We recommend performing the massage in the evening, because the skin may be red and slightly inflamed after a stone massage. For some people, initially the Gua Sha plate massage seems very intense, it can be a bit painful because more force is actually put into it than in a roller massage. Nevertheless, the rounded edges can move quite smoothly on the skin, so there is nothing to be afraid of. So what is a facial massage with a Gua Sha stone and what are its effects?

Facial massage with a Gua Sha plate

Using a specially profiled stone, we massage the face, improving muscle mobility, eliminating swelling, accelerating blood circulation, and finally unblocking the lymph flow. Effect? Strongly firmed skin and relief from facial muscle tension. In the long term, we can treat Gua Sha as a natural method of rejuvenating facial tissue. It improves the contour of the face much better than a roller , so the effect of natural lifting is noticeable stronger and stronger than in the case of a roller. All this, of course, provided that the tool is used regularly - face rolling is best done 5-7 times a week.

Gua Sha body massage

It is not the end! We mentioned that the method is based on Chinese medicine, in which the stone was used to relieve muscle pain or get rid of infections such as colds. From the point of view of Western medicine, intensive rubbing of the body skin in appropriate directions helps improve blood and lymph circulation in the subcutaneous tissues and remove toxins. Because the treatment causes blood vessels to dilate, eliminate clots and warm up and relax muscles, it can be successfully used in case of muscle pain (on the back, legs, etc.). In the case of larger areas to be massaged (like those mentioned above), we recommend purchasing rectangular plates, not the rounded, triangular ones, which are typically recommended for the face, neck, nape and cleavage.

Gua Sha facial massage - step by step

Facial gua-sha stones available at Olivia Plum are triangular plates with rounded edges. The massage technique is a bit similar to roller massage. The massage performed on dry skin will be very strong, so it is recommended to perform it on cleansed skin and apply a few drops of oil or liquid serum. (I recommend Gua Sha facial massage oil with jojoba and chamomile - click!). It is recommended to start the massage from the neck, making sliding movements towards the jaw to unblock the lymph flow. Then move on to the jaw, massaging the indentation on the plate from the center towards the ear. Then use the plate to "scrape" the face in one-directional movements, starting from the nose, the center of the face towards the lymph nodes. That is, from the inside of the face to the outside of the face. The cheek massage is performed by placing the plate against the skin with the longer side, starting from the nose area and working towards the ear, and the mouth area is massaged with the shorter side. We can massage the neckline towards the collarbones. Use one-way sweeping traffic. Use the narrower part of Gua Sha to massage the eye area. Remember to use gentler pressure on the eyes. Finally, a forehead massage is performed from the bottom up (towards the hairline) using the longer side of the stone. Repeat each movement 10 times. After the massage, wash the stone with soap and water or disinfect it.

To sum up, the benefits of using Gua Sha stone massage:

  • supports blood circulation and lymph drainage in the body
  • has a detoxifying effect
  • has anti-wrinkle properties (reduction of fine lines and wrinkles)
  • lifts and improves facial contours
  • has a relaxing and soothing effect, calms down inflammation
  • restores mobility and elasticity in the tissue
  • reduces or eliminates swelling
  • stimulates the immune system, thanks to which it allows you to effectively treat various types of infections
  • helps relieve tension, stress and anxiety
  • gives the skin shine
  • provides relief from facial muscle tension
  • helps fight migraines, dizziness and chronic fatigue

Jade or quartz massages? Does the stone the massager is made of matter? Which massage stone should you choose?

Olivia Plum's offer includes both Gua Sha plates and facial rollers made of natural stones, including: quartz and jade. On the one hand, when choosing a stone for yourself, you can be guided by aesthetics - you can choose a stone in the color you like or one that matches your dressing table. On the other hand, if you believe in the power of stones, it is worth considering the symbolism assigned to each mineral.

Quartz for the face

Rose quartz , also called the "stone of love", relieves ailments of the circulatory system and heart and promotes fertility. It adds energy, helps treat migraines, headaches, clogged sinuses, and can therefore improve memory and concentration. It relieves internal tension, helps reduce stress levels, supports the body's immunity and reduces anxiety. The quartz massager is heavier than the jade one and stays cold longer. Rose Quartz assigned to the zodiac signs: Taurus, Libra, Capricorn.


Jade, in turn, is called "the stone of future and current mothers." It is believed that its proximity alleviates the pain of childbirth and provides peace of mind for the future mother. The stone has a strong relaxing and soothing effect, eliminating hip and spine pain. It supports the functioning of the digestive system, suppresses hunger, and harmonizes the body. It has a calming effect, reduces dilated blood vessels and supports the treatment of rosacea. The most famous variety of jade is light green, but the stone can also be found in lavender and in shades of yellow, white and red. The shine of jade is characteristically glassy and even pearly, while the jade massager itself is slightly translucent.

Quartz roller or jade roller? Whatever color massager you choose, believing in their magical properties, they will bring you more peace, relaxation, relaxation, happiness and kindness.

Facial massage contraindications

Gua Sha and Roller facial massage should not be used on damaged skin, with a large number of moles or bruises. Contraindications also include extensive acne lesions and rosacea, as well as general poor health (e.g. flu). In case of hypertension, frequent hemorrhages, shallowly vascularized skin or thrombophlebitis, we recommend choosing a roller for massage, not a Gua Sha plate.

Remember, no matter which tool you choose, any time is a good time to start taking care of yourself consciously and regularly, remembering that we have a real influence on 80% of changes. It's probably worth incorporating a facial massage into the fight for beautiful, firm skin, right?

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