Gua Sha, roller - how to do a facial massage?

Gua Sha, roller - jak robi膰 masa偶 twarzy?

Have you read that facial massage has many benefits in terms of delaying skin aging? Do you want to start massaging your face with a roller, but you don't know how to perform this massage? Or maybe you got yourself a Gua Sha stone, but you don't know how to scrape the shallow skin to see the effects? Don't worry, we will help! From this post you will learn how to perform a proper facial massage with a Gua Sha stone and any roller.

1. Facial massage with a roller step by step

Perform the massage with a roller, i.e. two rollers made of semi-precious stones, on cleansed and toned skin . We especially recommend performing it on previously applied serum or oil , which will ensure smooth glide, and the active ingredients contained in the cosmetics will be introduced into the deeper layers of the epidermis thanks to the massage.

Apply a small amount of serum to your face and neck. Start the massage with the neck, dragging the roller from the neckline towards the chin and jaw. Don't forget to run the roller on the sides of the neck, at the level of the ears - this is the area that is worth relaxing with a gentle massage. Then move from the inside to the outside of the face (cheeks) and from the bottom to the top of the mouth, working against the force of gravity. Use the large head to massage your forehead, cheeks, neck and chin. Don't forget about the skin around the eyes, which should be treated with a smaller and narrower roller. In the eye area, drag the roller from the inner corners to the outer corners and massage the lower and upper eyelids. Also remember about the mouth area, especially if you smoke and use straws while drinking. We massage the nasolabial folds from the bottom (mouth) up (towards the nose). After the massage, place the roller in the refrigerator if you want an enhanced refreshing effect during the next massage.

2. Gua Sha - how to use it? Instructions for massaging your face with a Gua Sha plate

What is a facial massage with a Gua Sha stone? Using a specially profiled stone, we massage the face, improving muscle mobility, eliminating swelling, and accelerating blood circulation. Effect? Strongly firmed skin, relief from facial muscle tension and improved lymph flow. In the long term, we can treat Gua Sha as a natural method of rejuvenating facial tissue: improving the facial contour. Natural lifting effect! All this, of course, provided that the tool is used regularly - at least 5 times a week.

Gua Sha stones for the face available at Olivia Plum are triangular plates with rounded edges. The massage technique is a bit similar to roller massage. The massage performed on dry skin will be very strong, so it is recommended to perform it on cleansed skin and apply a few drops of oil or liquid serum. (We recommend Gua Sha facial massage oil with jojoba and chamomile - click! ).

It is recommended to start the massage from the neck, making sliding movements towards the jaw to unblock the lymph flow. Then move on to the jaw, massaging the indentation on the plate from the center towards the ear. Then use the plate to "scrape" the face in one-directional movements, starting from the nose, the center of the face towards the lymph nodes. That is, from the inside of the face to the outside of the face. The cheek massage is performed by placing the plate against the skin with the longer side, starting from the nose area and working towards the ear, and the mouth area is massaged with the shorter side. We can massage the neckline towards the collarbones. Use one-way sweeping traffic.

Use the narrower part of Gua Sha to massage the eye area. Remember to use gentler pressure on the eyes. Finally, a forehead massage is performed from the bottom up (towards the hairline) using the longer side of the stone. Repeat each movement 10 times. After the massage, wash the stone with soap and water or disinfect it. Still not sure if you understand the above instructions correctly? Check out our video tips on our Instagram profile!

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