Systematic facial massage can work wonders! It reduces swelling, reduces wrinkles, improves facial oval and stimulates our cells, making the skin look firm and elastic!

“A facial massage a day keeps the plastic surgeon away” That is "daily mass will save you before a plastic surgeon" is a quote from the American actress Gwyneth Paltrow (known from, among others, Iron Man, Spider Man and Avengers), the truth of which many of us have already realized.

You can read below about what effect massage has on our skin and what you should pay attention to when performing it! :)

Why do a facial massage?

Every day our skin is exposed to factors that damage it and make it lose its firmness. Sun, frost, frowning, yawning or even laughing cause lines to appear on the skin, which most of us want to minimize. Year by year, the cells producing collagen and elastin show less and less activity.

One of the methods of keeping our skin in good condition is increasingly popular - facial massage!

How to prepare for a facial massage and how to massage your face?

It is important to always perform the massage on cleansed and toned facial skin!

Do not pull the skin while performing it, as this may have the opposite effect than intended :) It is best if you apply a few drops of your favorite product on your face before starting the procedure. oil (e.g. argan or chamomile ), thanks to which you will ensure proper lubrication and the oil will be better absorbed, additionally - by improving blood circulation (caused by the subsequent massage).

There are so many steps of the massage that you can't count them on your fingers, even if you borrow two more from your friend! ;) We believe that you should feel free to try and create your favorite combination.

However, remember to perform movements in line with the muscles and against the force of gravity, i.e. outwards (from the center of the face towards the hairline) and upwards.

Whereas massage around the eyes do it around them - starting from the inner corners, moving upwards in the direction of the eyebrows, to the outer corner and along the lower eyelid, again to the inner corner. You can repeat the procedure not only by stroking the skin but also by tapping it or gently pressing place by place - this will reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes ;)

Benefits of facial massage:

  • oxygenates the skin, thanks to which we get rid of unnecessary metabolic products faster and your skin becomes radiant
  • improves skin tone and blood supply by stimulating blood and lymph circulation
  • reduces swelling and tension around the eyes and face
  • relieves headaches and sinus pain
  • ensures better absorption of active substances applied to the skin (which was supported by research of the "National Center for Biotechnology Information")
  • improves metabolism and thus stimulates cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin, which ensure, among others, firmness or elasticity of the skin
  • reduces skin sagging, expression lines and wrinkles
  • lifts the oval of the face
  • soothes, relaxes and increases concentration
  • has a great impact on the functioning of the hormonal economy

Massage contraindications:

  • herpes (transmission of the virus may cause severe changes in the central nervous system, blindness or meningitis)
  • fever
  • skin inflammation (allergic, infectious)
  • tooth extraction
  • purulent conditions around the teeth
  • pyogenic and pustular acne
  • rosacea in the active phase
  • nodules of unknown origin
  • cancer and conditions after their surgical removal
  • tonsillitis and enlarged lymph nodes
  • in thyroid diseases, neck massage should be avoided

So if you haven't used facial massage as part of your care yet, I hope that after reading this article you won't hesitate for long! :)

Simple steps, performed regularly for up to 5 minutes a day, will help you deal with many problems, making you feel better and your skin firm, elastic and radiant. ;)

In the next article, we will tell you what massage was loved by both the stars and us! Are you curious? ;)

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