The origin of our soaps

Pochodzenie naszych mydeł

The origin of our soaps

We all know about the beneficial effect of olive oil on our body - on our health and on our skin. Therefore, the first cosmetics introduced under the Olivia Plum brand had to be based on olive oil. And when it comes to the best olive oil, it's Greece! This is how soaps and liquid soaps under the Olivia Plum brand were created, produced nowhere else than in Greece.

Olivia Plum invited a Greek manufacturer with its own olive groves in Vonitsa, Aitoloakarnania, producing high-quality cosmetics from its own olive oil. Thanks to this, we have absolute certainty as to the quality of the oil used to produce soaps and liquid soaps. Moreover, the olive oil used to produce cosmetics is the best olive oil - extra virgin, and its level in all recipes is very high, thanks to which the effect of the soap on the skin is even better.

All soaps are 100% handmade, therefore production takes place in small quantities . Each of the recipes introduced under the Olivia Plum brand has been tested in many respects. The recipes have been selected to respond to various skin needs. The offer includes vegan soaps (classic, chamomile, with activated carbon), moisturizing and soothing soaps (with argan oil and silk, chamomile, goat milk and honey, classic), exfoliating and moisturizing soaps (with the addition of poppy seeds) and detoxifying effect (with activated carbon).

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