What is Self Love? Is this a temporary trend? Or maybe a type of thinking that will stay with us for a long time? And what does it really mean?

Self love is the simplest translation: love for oneself and can be interpreted in many ways, and each of them is correct. For some of us, it will mean love (or, at the initial stage, simply acceptance) of our physical appearance, for others, perceiving ourselves not through the prism of physicality, but through our character traits and who we are. Ideally, it's both.

So maybe self love is the simplest thing in the world, liking yourself under an English name? For many of us, regardless of the date, it will certainly be a completely new way of thinking about ourselves. After all, how much more often do we mentally scold ourselves instead of boasting? We perceive our successes in terms of "I did it" instead of "I worked hard for it", and when someone points out that we look nice, we respond with "it worked out that way" or react with surprise. However, when it comes to accounting for possible failures and shortcomings, we can talk about it for hours and we come up with arguments like no other. Why?

Perhaps it's a matter of upbringing, the environment we live in, our own disposition... but the most important thing is that you can learn to love yourself! Where to start? From the simplest rule - treat yourself the way you treat others. We assume that in your everyday life you are a kind person, understanding of others' mistakes, appreciating successes and encouraging you in case of failures. Do you know what I'm talking about? Definitely! And do you behave this way towards yourself? Probably not. So every time you start pointing out your mistakes or complaining about your appearance, think about whether you would say such words to another person.


  1. Look after yourself!
    What does it mean? Exactly the same when you ask another person "if they take care of themselves." What do you mean then? Most likely he gets enough sleep, eats well, takes vitamins, RESTS, and has time for himself during the day. If you want your sister, mother, workmate or grandmother to do this, why don't you pay attention to how you take care of yourself? It is also one of the ways to express love for yourself.

  1. Set boundaries.
    This is quite a popular slogan, but how to understand it? After all, for the good of another person, sometimes we have to do something we simply don't want to do. Walk your sister's dog or pick up your son from a party in the middle of the night. And that's what you have to do! But if the requests from others are no longer requests, but a constant litany of things you have to do for someone, and you no longer feel comfortable with it, don't be afraid to say "NO". You are not obliged to agree to every whim, even of your closest person, if you feel that it simply has a bad effect on you. It's not easy, at the beginning you may hear a few bitter words of dissatisfaction, but... it's for your good. And as trivial as it sounds, your well-being is simply important.

  2. Rule, or maybe more advice, last. Let it go.
    You don't have to always look like a catwalk, you don't have to constantly win the best employee ranking, you don't have to get promotions year after year and manage the most important projects. The house doesn't have to sparkle every day, and there really doesn't have to be chicken soup on the table every Sunday. Sometimes, you can let go. Sometimes it is actually a key word because we absolutely do not encourage you to cultivate laziness and abandon your ambitions. You have to strive and try to be the best in your chosen fields, but NOT ALWAYS and NOT AT ALL COSTS. We know what we are talking about because we have really been at this point in life and we know how much frustration and eternal dissatisfaction with oneself can lead to the feeling that you can basically always do better.

Is the above text a ready-made recipe for self-love? NO. But it's a good start and may give you a lot to think about (it does for us!). Contrary to appearances, liking yourself requires a lot of effort, but the result of this work may be a happier you. So鈥 I guess it's worth a try?

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