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How to moisturize and brighten only with DRIP and GLOW serum. Agata Ma Nosa thinks the same. Check!

A recipe for moisturized and radiant skin? Get to know the Olivia Plum brand!

It is with great pleasure that I discover young Polish cosmetic brands! It is my quilty pleasure when I have the opportunity to meet the person behind a specific company and products, when they put their name on them.Olivia Plumthis is Ania 艢liwi艅ska, who has always been 艢liwka to everyone, hence Plum. Where's Olivia from? A trip to Greece and the discovery of the miraculous effect of olive oil contained in soaps on the skin became the inspiration to create the first cosmetics and the creation ofOlivia Plum .

Olivia Plumthese are short and simple recipes that Ania first tests on her own skin to be sure of the quality and effectiveness of the cosmetics. The products it creates are gentle, safe and can be used even by sensitive skin. I tested two of them:Drip moisturizing serumandGlow Brightening Serum , and now I would like to tell you more about it! I'll start with the moisturizing serumDrip , which was the brand's first product. It is intended for skin that needs deep and long-lasting hydration. The composition includes ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, cucumber oil and vitamin E. Importantly, the cosmetic created by Ania is suitable for all skin types, especially the most needy, dry and dehydrated ones - mine! It has a silky, very pleasant consistency that is quickly absorbed and is not sticky or sticky. The skin becomes something like a second skin, but it is a pleasant effect. I used the serum once a day, usually at night because I chose the daytime versionGlow , which I'll talk about in a moment. After long-term use, the dry skin around my nose disappeared, the quality of my skin and the level of hydration improved. Any makeup looked much better on well-nourished skin! I also tested both cheeses as a make-up base, and they worked well!

The second cosmetic I checked wasGlow brightening serum , as you know, brightening is almost my passion :) Beautiful brightening and smoothing effect, as well as improving and evening out the skin tone are the main tasks of the product. It refreshes nicely, is light and absorbs quickly. You can use them alone or under cream. After using the entire bottle, I am sure that it also affects the skin's tension, of course it is a gentle tension. Ania has created a product that is also supposed to deal with discoloration - it brightens existing imperfections and prevents the formation of new pigmentation changes. I cannot comment on this matter because I do not have any pigmentation changes. However, I noticed a soothing effect.

Both products are in glass bottles with a pipette, with a capacity of 30 ml. SerumGlowcosts PLN 119, aDripPLN 99 - enough for at least a month's daily use. As far as I know, the next batch of the brightening serum will be available in a pump package to make it easier to scoop because it is quite creamy - in my opinion, this is great news because you will be able to use it until the last drop!

I strongly encourage you to read it on the websiteOlivia PlumbookmarksAbout me , Ania talks about her inspirations and plans for the future. In my opinion, using cosmetics about the origin of which we can learn so much, and thus about the founder of the brand herself, is something very pleasant! On offerOlivia PlumIn addition to serums, soaps, soy candles, rollers, oils, balms, and cosmetics for men! If you have any questions about the products, let me know in the comments!


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