They wrote about us! | serum: GLOW and DRIP

Napisali o nas!  | serum: GLOW i DRIP

Are you wondering how our GLOW and DRIP sera work? See what Magda Naturalnie thinks about them!

Glow and Drip - get to know the face serum from Olivia Plum

Meet Glow and Drip! Two unique face serums from the Olivia Plum brand. I received them to test some time ago and I can finally write something more about them. How did they work for me? You can read about it in today's entry.

The Olivia Plum brand has released 3 unique facial serums - Glow, Drip and Lift. I received them from the Olivia Plum brand to test. I used the Lift serum first, and you can read my review about this cosmetic heremy Instagram profile .

I saved the Drip and Glow serums for warmer days, but in the meantime I used them several times on my skin and I couldn't wait for their turn in my care!

Drip SerumI used it instead of a day cream. It has the consistency of an emulsion and is very light.The composition includes, among others: triple hyaluronic acid 1.5%, cucumber oil, vitamin E.Drip is intended for all skin types, but dry, dehydrated skin that requires regeneration after a long flight or after a whole day in an air-conditioned or heated room will be most satisfied with it.The cosmetic also contains ingredients that protect the skin against the harmful effects of external factors and pollution. The serum will therefore be perfect for use at any time of the year!

I used the serum in my morning care , before applying the sunscreen. Excellentit moisturized my skin, dry patches disappeared and my face looked radiant!The cosmetic worked great under makeup. The skin did not become excessively shiny and remained moisturized, smooth and firm. Capacity30 ml was enough for me for 1.5 monthsdaily use of the day serum. AccessibleHEREat the Olivia Plum store.

Glow SerumI'm already at the end of it. I use it in the evening, before applying the cream. Its consistency is a light, creamy emulsion that is quickly absorbed into the skin. The composition of the serum includes, among others:rosehip oil, a stable form of vitamin C - Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, acerola and green tea extract.Glow is intended to refresh the skin, add radiance, tighten, firm, moisturize and give the effect of wet skin. The cosmetic is also supposed to help us fight discolorations and limit the formation of new ones.

Since I use the Glow serum in my evening care,In the morning, the skin is radiant, smooth and has an even tone.Minor discolorations became lighter. The serum is extremely pleasant to use! After applying the cosmetic to the skin,the face is velvety and extremely smooth to the touch . I am very pleased with the use of this cosmetic and I recommend it to anyone who wants to energize their skin and even out its tone. With this serum it's possible! Capacity30 ml was enough for 1.5 months of use.AccessibleHEREat the Olivia Plum store.

The only thing that bothered me when applying cosmetics were the unfortunate pipettes. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for this creamy cosmetic formula. Just as the pipette worked great with the Lift serum due to its gel consistency, with Drip and Glow it was difficult to pick up the product and apply it to the skin. Fortunately, as far as I know, the new versions of cheeses will come with a pump. The change is definitely a positive one!

All three sera, Lift, Drip and Glowyou will get both a 30 ml version and a 10 ml mini version - perfect for testing!You will get cheeseHERE .


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Napisali o nas!  | serum: GLOW i DRIP

They wrote about us! | serum: GLOW and DRIP

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