They wrote about us! | DRIP moisturizing serum

Napisali o nas! | serum nawilżające DRIP

Check how the moisturizing DRIP serum saved Milena's skin while traveling around the USA!

serum Drip from Olivia Plum , which I also had in the USA. And I'm sure that's what made it so many hundreds of miles, a new hotel every day and highly processed food that didn't take its toll on my skin. I came back to it for hydration, soothing and protection, both in the morning and in my night routine. Drip contains cucumber and hyaluronic acid, which are loved by all skin types and are good support for oily and combination skin (they also need moisturization!). This is my second package, and certainly not the last. I apply them to the entire face, gently pressing them into the skin.


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