Today we write, among others: about how activated carbon is produced and what skin it is recommended for. We present the entire database of its uses, mainly as a cosmetic ingredient, but not only. ACTIVE CARBON - substance called "BLACK GOLD" , which almost every field of health and even industry has gone crazy about. It was already known in the times of Hippocrates, when this great scientist talked about its beneficial effects in the problem of wounds that are difficult to heal Whether eliminating unpleasant odor.

How is activated carbon created and how does its structure affect the body?

Not only wood is used for its production, but also natural products such as husks, seeds and straw. So he is 100% natural, ecological and non-toxic! During production, coal is exposed to oxygen, which creates small pores between its atoms absorb pollutants and accumulating toxins!

Benefits of using activated carbon :

  • Cleanses pores, reduces sebum and reduces blackheads

    Its huge surface to mass ratio (which is as much as 15x larger than a tennis court), this proves his huge adsorption capacity! It can absorb up to 1000 times more ingredients than it weighs! Carbon, like a magnet, attracts and absorbs dirt and sebum remaining in the pores of the skin antibacterial not only does the operation make it perfect after gym (it also regulates excessive sebum secretion), but also in its owners oily and acne-prone skin, including those with pyogenic acne!
  • Whitens teeth and prevents caries

    The adsorption function is also used by toothpaste manufacturers who add activated carbon to their products - in this case, it fights tooth decay and improves the whiteness of teeth by absorbing deposits caused by drinking coffee, tea or smoking cigarettes.

  • Helps fight dandruff

    The fungus (Malassezia furfur) is responsible for the problem of dandruff. Action antifungal black carbon allows you to minimize the problem of itchy scalp and regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands , which is the second biggest cause of the problem.

  • It soothes irritations, detoxifies and accelerates the wound healing process

    It is still used today cleansing wounds, detoxifying the body after the bite of insects, spiders or poisonous snakes. The Indians, on the other hand, take advantage of him in allergic skin reactions!
    It reduces pain, swelling and has a soothing effect on the skin.
  • Purifies and descales water

    Yes Yes Yes! It is one of the best absorbers of all dangerous chemicals! It also helps remove chlorine and heavy metals! Carbon filters for water or ventilation are known and loved by everyone :)

Who are they recommended for? cosmetics with activated carbon ? Cosmetics with activated carbon are great for:

    • for people with skin: oily, combination, acne, with inflammation, excessive sebum production
    • after gym
    • in people struggling with dandruff
    • after insect bites

    How often should you use activated carbon? The frequency of cleansing with soap depends on the type and condition of the skin. We do not recommend daily use so that the detoxifying properties do not disturb the natural hydro-lipid barrier too much. So we suggest you start your adventure with application soaps 2x a week and observing its condition, which will allow you to adapt the treatment to your individual needs :) While doing good cleansing, don't forget about proper hydration, which is why we recommend using a moisturizing and soothing cleanser at night. oil with jojoba and chamomile . Did any of the uses of black carbon surprise you? We are very curious what problems this inconspicuous ingredient helped you with ;)

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