What is a serum and how does it work?

Co to jest serum i jak dzia艂a?

Light consistency and rich composition - the serum combines unique care properties that are worth using regardless of the skin type. Especially in winter when the skin is exposed to many external factors. So how to choose the right cosmetic and use it?

What is a serum?

The serum is an intensively acting product containing concentrated active ingredients. For this reason, it works stronger than creams, at the same time enhancing their effect. A popular belief is that the skin can get used to the action of the serum and thus become "lazy". This is a myth, and a properly selected cosmetic can be used every day, selecting the product depending on the changing needs of the skin.

The advantage of the natural serum is its consistency. The light formula may be in the form of an oil (oil serum), an emulsion, a silky cream (water-oil serum) or a gel (water serum). In the case of dry skin, you can try a serum with an oily formula, while in the case of skin prone to oily skin, it is better to use products in the form of a gel or emulsion.

Olivia Plum's water-oil moisturizing serum, in addition to its intense nourishing and protective effect, is also perfect as a make-up base thanks to its silky consistency. Additionally, the content of cucumber seed oil has antibacterial, cleansing and regenerating properties, making the serum also suitable for skin that struggles with excessive sebum secretion and acne.

Types of serum

There are many different types of serum that can be used not only for mature skin. It all depends on the problems the skin is struggling with, and these can affect even young skin. Dryness, earthy shade, wrinkles or discoloration - for each of these conditions you can find the right cosmetic that will help you deal with them more effectively and faster.

When choosing a serum, as with any cosmetic, you should read its composition. It should contain components such as vegetable oils, hydrolates, i.e. floral waters, plant extracts, but also vitamins (the most popular are strengthening vitamin E and brightening vitamin C), hyaluronic acid and anti-pollution ingredients that protect the skin against pollution. The serum generally has a light consistency, which should not have a comedogenic effect. However, it is worth paying attention to whether the selected cosmetic does not contain mineral oils, silicones or paraffin or, in the case of skin with a tendency to oily skin, oils.

How to use the serum?

As with any cream, regularity is important. Systematic use of the serum in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations is the basis for successful therapy. Apply the serum to well-cleaned and toned facial skin . If we have time to speed up its absorption and at the same time stimulate circulation, we can combine applying the cosmetic with a skin massage with a roller or a gua sha plate. The applied serum should not leave a sticky feeling, so 2-3 drops are enough. A larger portion does not mean a stronger effect, and may only leave a noticeable, sticky film on the skin.

Since the serum has a highly concentrated composition and has a stronger effect than the cream, why do we combine these two cosmetics? There are two reasons. First of all, the serum complements the action of the cream and enhances its effect. Additionally, applying the cream protects the active ingredients contained in the serum from evaporating too quickly, prolonging its action. In the case of water-based products, the cream is a necessity to avoid the opposite effect to the intended one, i.e. dehydration of the epidermis.

So, is the serum an essential step in daily care? Certainly important. A well-selected product allows you to optimally respond to your skin's needs, and what's more... it looks beautiful on the bathroom shelf!

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