Glowing skin - brightening serum with vitamin C

Skóra pełna blasku - serum rozjaśniające z witaminą C

Spring is the best time to free your skin from heavy and rich cosmetics in favor of lighter, but still effective products that make your skin glow. So how to prepare your skin for the new season? First of all, you need to take a look at your skincare routine. The basis should be products that will ensure its condition and quality. Don't know what to choose? #GLOW serum is our answer!

The latest Glow serum is a new product in the Olvia Plum cosmetics family, which will not only nourish tired skin, but also give it a natural, beautiful glow. It owes its unique properties to natural oils, antioxidant plant extracts and the addition of stable vitamin C. Check how the ingredients contained in our serum work.

The effect of green tea in cosmetics

The beneficial effects of green tea are used not only in diet, but also in cosmetics. As an effective antioxidant, it is an ingredient not only of our latest GLOW serum, but also of the regenerating LIFT serum, which you can read more about here --> LIFT SERUM . Green tea extract has a positive effect on all skin types not only due to its anti-wrinkle effect, but also the ability to regulate the functioning of sebaceous glands, protect cells against UV radiation and have antiseptic properties.

Which vitamin C is the most effective?

    There are many types of vitamin C found in cosmetic products. At the same time, please remember that L-ascorbic acid in its pure form is not resistant to sunlight and quickly loses its properties. Because it dissolves in water, it affects only the epidermis, giving a short-lasting illuminating effect. You can read more about vitamin C in one of our entries here --> VITAMIN C 

    We added it to the GLOW serum Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate which it is one of the most stable and effective vitamin C derivatives.

    This type of substance is well tolerated by delicate and sensitive skin, without causing peeling or irritation.

    Moreover, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate:

    • has an antioxidant effect, fights free radicals
    • protects the skin against UV radiation
    • stimulates collagen synthesis, improving skin elasticity and having good anti-wrinkle properties
    • brightens the complexion by inhibiting the production of melanin and helps fight discoloration
    • has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect
    • improves skin hydration and smoothes the skin surface
    • strengthens blood vessels
    • has a positive effect on the condition of acne-prone skin

    What is squalane?

      Although obtained from olive oil, squalane is a derivative of squalene, which is a component of sebum produced by our skin. Sebum, if produced in the right amounts, is not an enemy of the skin, on the contrary, it moisturizes it and protects against excessive water loss. With age, sebum production decreases and, as a result, there is also a loss of valuable squalene, which should be supplemented with appropriate care.

      Squalane contained in the GLOW serum:

      • regenerates and protects the skin, ensuring the proper level of hydration
      • it is not comedogenic, i.e. it does not clog pores,
      • as an oxidant, it slows down the skin aging process,
      • nourishes the skin, makes it soft and elastic.

      Additionally, due to its great similarity to natural sebum, squalane mixes perfectly with it, penetrating the skin more easily, making its effect more intense.

      How does rosehip oil work?

        This is another natural ingredient of our serum that gives amazing results. Its multiple effects make it perfect for daily care of various types of skin, but tired, dull skin that requires regeneration will especially appreciate its action. Rosehip oil contains unsaturated fatty acids responsible for skin hydration and a large dose of vitamin A, which has anti-wrinkle properties.*

        How else does rosehip oil affect the condition of the skin?

        • strengthens blood vessels,
        • makes the skin more elastic,
        • has an antioxidant effect
        • brightens the complexion
        • supports wound healing

        Acerola - fruit with the highest dose of vitamin C

        These small, inconspicuous fruits, somewhat reminiscent of our Polish cherries, hide great power. They contain the most vitamin C of all fruits. One acerola fruit weighing 4.5 g has as much as one kilogram of lemons! In an adult's diet, three small acerola fruits are enough to cover the daily requirement for this vitamin. How does acerola extract work in cosmetics?

        This fruit owes its beneficial effect on the skin primarily to the high concentration of vitamin C. As we know, this ingredient has an antioxidant effect, stimulates collagen synthesis and brightens the complexion. However, it is worth remembering that acerola is also rich in other nutrients, including folic acid, which stimulates the creation of new cells in the body and combats dry skin, and vitamin A.*

        So, is acerola a super fruit that cannot be missing in our diet or on the bathroom shelf? Definitely!

        *Important! Please remember that both rosehip oil and acerola fruit extract contain large doses of vitamin A, so in the case of pregnant women, we recommend consulting a doctor before using our serum.

        GLOW serum, in addition to its rich and effective composition, is also exceptionally pleasant to apply. Its elegant bottle with a pipette and silky consistency make home care a truly exclusive experience. The product can be used in many ways - as a classic evening serum or as a day cream, necessarily combined with your favorite sunscreen. The cosmetic works well with makeup, giving the skin a natural dewy skin effect, so desired this season!

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