What is skin cycling?

Czym jest skin cycling?

Skin cycling is a care method thanks to which you will not have to give up the use of various types of active ingredients. Would you like to get rid of skin discolorations, while reducing wrinkles and remember to properly moisturize your skin? This is possible thanks to the skin-cycling method!

Developing a proper care routine is usually done by trial and error, it can take weeks and when you finally succeed, it is an achievement worth its weight in gold. At the same time, new active ingredients appear every now and then, promising various effects and tempting us to use them - BHA and AHA acids, retinol, ceramides, probiotics, vitamin C... there's a lot of it! On the one hand, it is risky to introduce new products to a carefully prepared care plan, on the other hand, you should remember about the rules of combining all the mentioned ingredients. And this is where skin-cycling comes in handy!

Thanks to this method, you can use different types of cosmetics and active substances and thus respond to different skin needs. So how is this possible?

What is skin cycling?

First of all, start by identifying all your skin's needs. Do you have discolorations, the first fine wrinkles and at the same time you would like to strengthen your skin? Then you know how to set up your routine. Important! Skin cycling involves the use of intensely active active ingredients, so this method is recommended for use primarily in the evening.

So, on the first day, choose an exfoliating product - a tonic with acids will be perfect here, as they are very effective and at the same time do not irritate the skin like mechanical peelings. We recommend HALO tonic with 5% glycolic acid, which, thanks to its exfoliating properties, brightens discolorations, reduces imperfections and refreshes the skin. After applying such an intensely acting product, apply a DRIP moisturizing serum suitable for all skin types and/or your favorite cream.

Spend the second day on reducing wrinkles and use your chosen form of retinoids. Retinoids, like acids, have an exfoliating effect - so you cannot use them together and therefore use them on the second day of care. At the same time, retinoids additionally support collagen production and have an anti-aging effect.

The third day is time for regeneration. The skin should "rest" on this day, so start your care with the moisturizing DASH tonic with hyaluronic acid and a strengthening complex of pre- and probiotics. Then apply the moisturizing DRIP serum and cream with regenerating ceramides to the prepared skin.

The fourth day is again the time to rebuild the skin.

After completing 4 days of care, you start the entire cycle from the beginning.

The above plan is, of course, a starting plan on the basis of which you can create your individual routine. Contrary to appearances, it does not require many cosmetics and is not that complicated - after 2-3 weeks it will certainly become a part of your blood, and the visible effects will motivate you to be regular and disciplined ;) Also remember that daily care can be much more simplified and rely on your favorite serum (e.g. GLOW with vitamin C) and SPF cream.

What are the benefits of skin cycling?

As mentioned at the beginning, thanks to this method you respond to the various needs of the skin, which are not always possible to cover by using the same products every day. Skin cycling also gives you more freedom to test various types of active ingredients and find the perfect ones for yourself. Is this method suitable for everyone? Yes, unless you are using long-term anti-acne treatments - then remember to always consult any changes with your doctor.

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