What is a brightening toner?

rozświetlona strefa pod okiem

Toning the skin and the importance of toner in daily care cannot be overestimated. There are several types of tonics and the effects they produce, as we mention in one of our entries TYPES OF TONICS . This is a very important cosmetic that, despite its light formula, can have an exceptionally rich composition and is therefore recommended for people with both younger and mature skin, with imperfections, dry skin or in need of brightening. That's right, illumination! A cosmetic that adds radiance to the skin can definitely be a tonic. And since autumn is the perfect time for care based on more intense active ingredients, let's take a look at tonics with such properties.

First, let's recall the basic functions of all tonics:

  1. Restoring the appropriate pH to the skin.
  2. Preparing the skin for further stages of care and enhancing the effects of the applied cosmetics.
  3. Removal of makeup residues and other impurities. Important! Tonic is not a product that is used to cleanse the face. Unlike this type of cosmetics, we do not rinse the toner off.

How does the illuminating tonic work?

The property of the brightening tonic is its ability to exfoliate the upper layers of the skin, i.e. weaken the bonds between its cells. Thanks to this:

  • scars and discolorations lighten,
  • the skin acquires a healthy color, which is the desired illuminating effect.

A properly selected product is good for all skin types, because in addition to reducing pigmentation changes, it also:

  • regulates sebum secretion in oily and combination skin,
  • stimulates the skin to produce collagen, so it is suitable for women who want to firm their skin.

Active ingredients in illuminating toners

These types of products are most often based on two active ingredients: vitamin C or acids - BHA, AHA or PHA. Tonics with acids are especially recommended for people who want a stronger effect of exfoliation and unification of the skin. We mention the types of acids and their properties in our recent entry ACIDS IN FACIAL CARE , but what is worth paying attention to is not only the main active ingredient, but also additional ingredients. Since the acids are quite intense in their action, the composition also includes elements that moisturize and soothe the skin, such as d-panthenol or aloe extract. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients such as witch hazel or ginseng hydrolate will also certainly be helpful. You can often also find the addition of clays or rose extract.

How to use brightening/brightening toner?

First of all, follow the recommendations on the label. This is a guarantee not only of effectiveness, but above all, safety. Cosmetics that we apply to our face are not supposed to be harmful, but if used in excess or incorrectly, they may worsen the condition of the skin. Pay attention to whether the product should be applied in the morning or evening, how it tolerates sun exposure, and what cosmetics it can be combined with or not - especially if you use retinol, vitamin A or vitamin C (in the case of tonics with acids) on a daily basis.

Sounds complicated? Not necessarily! Keeping the above tips in mind, you will certainly find a product for yourself that will make your skin glow, improve its color and simply beautify it. You will soon find this type of cosmetic in our offer and we hope that thanks to it you will see the unique power of illuminating tonics!

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