Some women cannot imagine leaving the house without makeup, others wear make-up for the holidays, but each of us loves to look fresh and radiant.

The sautè makeup trend is a solution for those of you who want to look natural, gently highlight your assets and subtly hide skin imperfections.

Have you ever watched a movie or series in which a famous actress wakes up in the morning and looks so good that you wonder how she does it?! It would be nice if it was nature :) but in reality it is a popular no make up make-up, i.e. make-up that is not supposed to be visible. A natural look in fashion and everyday life is a definite favorite of the spring and summer season. Each of us can apply no make-up, easy to apply, quickly and pleasantly.

If you have no experience and you rarely wear make-up, stand in front of the mirror and look at your face. Every face is different, so it needs different treatment, think about what your greatest assets are? Beautiful thick eyebrows? Full mouth? Hipnotizing eyes? Or maybe a cute French nose? Or maybe you are the lucky one with perfect skin? (We envy you! :))

After such training, it's time to get to work, the way you do your make-up without make-up is up to you, but in this guide you will find valuable tips, let's get started.

How to do no makeup makeup in 6 steps?

  • the most important thing in this makeup is the complexion, we choose light foundations tailored to the needs of the skin, BB and CC creams or light mattifying foundations work great. Apply the cosmetic to the skin using a moistened sponge, patting a thin layer, remembering the jawline!
  • make up no make up, contrary to appearances, she likes concealer! Apply the cosmetic to the area under the eyes and gently pat it in with your fingers. You can also use a highlighter and apply it under the eyebrow line to optically enlarge the eyes. Point out imperfections with concealer, remember to apply the smallest amount of cosmetics possible,
  • this type of makeup is also called NUDE makeup, because we should use only cosmetics with natural shades. You can apply delicate shades of brown and beige on your eyelids. The rule is to apply the lightest colors from the center of the eyelid to the inside, the darker colors should be applied towards the ear :) for such eye makeup you can also use a dark pencil, which should be smeared with a brush or even your finger for a natural look, do not draw a line along the entire eyelid! We do not recommend eyeliner for this makeup,
  • apply blush to your cheeks in a shade that matches your skin tone, you can also use lipstick in your favorite shade or a multi-functional cream (which is also a lip balm and a blush), apply it on your finger and rub it gently for a natural effect,
  • Finally, comb your eyebrows with a comb and finish your T-zone makeup (forehead, nose, chin) with transparent powder. These places have the greatest tendency to shine, thanks to this treatment your makeup will remain fresh for a longer time,
  • apply your favorite lip gloss, preferably colorless or with a natural shade, and apply mascara, but be careful, 2 or 3 gentle strokes are enough to highlight the eye, not to glue the eyelashes together!


Before each make-up, make sure that your skin is nourished, if you haven't taken care of your facial skin properly so far, it may be a sign that it's time to remember daily care !

Moisturizing cream, oil , or maybe a forgotten peeling? Remember that nourished skin does not need excess makeup, take care of your skin every day, not on special occasions!

You can read about how to care for your face on a daily basis on our website blog .

Do you wear makeup every day? Do you have your favorite makeup techniques? Do you choose strong smokey eyes or delicate no make-up makeup? What are your favorite makeup products?

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