The scent is powerful! Essential oils and their properties

Zapach ma moc! Olejki eteryczne i ich właściwości

Shorter days, colder, less sun. In a word, autumn has arrived for good. You can improve your mood with chocolate, your favorite TV series or... smell. Aromatherapy is an effective therapeutic method whose properties have been known for centuries. It uses essential oils, which are a concentrated liquid found in the secretory cells of the plant. Oils in the form we know are obtained by steam distillation.

How it's working?

It all starts with the nose, of course. Smell is our most sensitive sense and even though the surface of the olfactory zone of the nose is small, nature knew what it was doing and equipped it with about 1 million. nerve endings. And at least 40 of them must be awakened at once for us to feel something. An electrical impulse is then sent to the center in the brain responsible for emotions, and from there to the sensory nerves.

A bit of biology is behind us, it's time for more pleasant things. So which oil should you choose? In autumn, we usually suffer from three ailments: stress, cold and bad mood, so today we will tell you how to fight them with scents.

  • When stressed, choose aromas of ylang-ylang, lavender, mint, sage, thyme and those well known from the kitchen - rosemary and basil,
  • Vanilla, chamomile, sage, geranium and jasmine will eliminate bad mood,
  • In turn, pine, eucalyptus and tea tree oil will help with colds.

Surely everyone has heard about these oils, but where do they come from and what do the plants of the most exotic-sounding ones look like?

Ylang Ylang in other words, the sweet berry comes from the distant Philippines and Indonesia, although it is currently also cultivated throughout tropical Asia. The plant is not only used to obtain aromatic extracts - its soft, malleable wood is used for carving and making drums. The most valuable are, of course, its characteristic yellow flowers, whose petals resemble long, twisted petals. And what does it smell like? Intense, sweet, slightly balsamic, although you can also feel delicate notes of banana.

Geranium affectionately called strep throat, it comes from Africa. Its characteristic, deeply cut petals in intense colors are covered with fine, dense hairs and when touched, they emit a specific herbal-spicy, slightly earthy scent.

Jasmine it is actually a vine that comes mainly from Asia and Africa. It has long, green leaves and small, white, intensely fragrant flowers, which emit a different aroma depending on the species. Starting from a delicate, typically floral scent to heavier, oriental notes. Jasmine is often confused with jasmine, which does much better in a moderate climate. What distinguishes them is also the shape of the petals. While jasmine has oblong petals, jasmine has wider petals and a more oval shape.

The tea tree , whose less known, more complicated name is melaleuka, occurs in Australia, growing mainly along streams and in swamps. It has delicate small flowers gathered in buds, but the oil is obtained from its leaves. Extract
tea tree smells herbal and slightly earthy. And the oldest tea tree is over 1,700 years old!

And since essential oils are a natural form of body and soul care, Olivia Plum also had them. Our offer includes a real mood improver - Stimulating Cheer Up Oil (find it here -> Cheer Up Oil ) with ylang – ylang, vanilla and jasmine. These three unique extracts have been combined to improve your mood, bring relaxation and become part of your relaxation ritual. Thanks to their caring properties, they will take care not only of your mind, but also of your skin. Because Cheer Up is a mixture of various oils and essential oils, you can massage it into your damp body right after a bath or sprinkle it on your wrists whenever you want to get in a good mood.

Fragrance in practice

What are the methods of aromatherapy?

  • Inhalations - special fireplaces and the increasingly popular air humidifiers with aromatherapy function are perfect for home comfort. You can also visit the sauna, which offers aromatherapy sessions.
  • Massage - oils will also work great here. During this method, remember to combine the ethereal substance with the so-called base oil. The most popular is oil
    avocado, grape seeds, sweet almonds or classic olive oil.
  • Compress - Oils can also be used as a compress applied topically. Then the preparation should be mixed with water in a proportion of 5 drops per 100 ml of water.
  • Sprinkling the pillow with essential oil - the aroma will last for several days.

Remember! Never apply the oil directly to the skin - its strong concentration may irritate the skin. Mix it with carrier oils. Buy oils from a reliable place, always natural, and then they will discover their true healing power!

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