Facial skin cleansing

Oczyszczanie skóry twarzy

How to cleanse your face properly?

If you are up to date with new cosmetics and read books and articles about skin care, you probably know how important facial cleansing is. If not, then this article is for you. So let's read :) It will be concise and to the point!

Cleansing is one of the most important things you should do for yourself during the day! And not once, but twice. Not only in the evening, but also in the morning!

Fashion for Korean care, including two-stage cleansing initiated by Charlotte Cho in the book "Beauty Secrets of Korean Women" it has its supporters, including me.

Cleansing your facial skin is the most effective way to remove:

  • makeup,
  • dust, dirt, sweat
  • bacteria
  • sebum
  • dead epidermis cells.

Cleansing frees the skin, opens pores and allows it to breathe. Proper cleansing helps prevent acne and counteracts the effects of aging.

How to do it correctly?

How many people, so many methods :) But one thing is certain: once is not enough! If you have fallen asleep with your makeup on or you were proud of the fact that you always washed your face without falling asleep, but you only did it once - it's time for a change.

Cleansing in the evening

Cleansing should start by removing makeup and dirt from the face accumulated throughout the day using makeup oil or liquid. If you have painted your eyes or lips, start by removing make-up from this area. We do not rub the skin with a cosmetic pad, but place the cotton pad on the painted eyelashes or lips and wait for at least 10 seconds until the cosmetic dissolves. Then we cleanse the entire facial skin with oil. Yes Yes. Oils perfectly dissolve silicone contained in cosmetics, remove sebum and impurities.

It is important to wash your face again after this process, and in this case you can use a water-based cosmetic, such as a gel, foam or facial soap.

Olivia Plum's offer includes soaps perfect for washing your face, which should be matched to the selected face type and as follows:

  • For skin with acne We recommend activated carbon because it detoxifies, kills bacteria and helps fight acne. Remember, however, that due to its properties, such soap can dry out the skin, so it should be used alternately with another one, e.g. white or pink clay.
  • For combination and dry skin Soap with is ideal pink clay with silk . The clay has an astringent effect, and silk amino acids smooth the skin, leaving a natural film on it
  • For dry and normal skin, we recommend white clay with silk
  • For all skin types, including dry and mature skin, soap with argan oil and silk

Why is it necessary to wash your face in the morning?

We should cleanse our face in the morning and in the evening with the same scrupulousness. Even though we don't put makeup on at night, a lot of sweat and sebum are secreted while we sleep, so to avoid pimples or blackheads, we need to cleanse our skin after the night.

One more trick that models and make-up artists share on their social media and blogs - change your pillowcase once a week! You will see the change immediately :) Such a small thing and such a good thing!

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