The use of oils in facial cleansing

Zastosowanie olej贸w w oczyszczaniu twarzy

Remember our last post aboutfacial skin cleansing ?It was then that we promised that we would come back to this issue, so today it's time to delve into the issue of cleansing using oils! :)

OCM and two-stage facial cleansing

The biggest fans of natural care heard about it over 5 years ago, when OCM (Oil Face Wash) conquered Poland. However, this method required knowledge in composing individual mixtures, the ritual was time-consuming, and the base oil itself often irritated sensitive skin. That's why this two-stage cleansing, which eliminates the above-mentioned disadvantages, is currently leading the way, and I'm incredibly happy about it!

Like oil, or fat, it removes fat

If you haven't delved into the topic yet, you may be wondering how this is possibleoilas fatit does not clog pores, on the contrary - it cleanses them perfectly and may even prove to be a salvation in the fight against imperfections or skin sensitivity!

To explain everything thoroughly, I will rely on science, but I promise - it will be simple and understandable! :)

Have you ever noticed the popular phenomenon of phase delamination? I bet it is, because it is visible in everyday life as colorful spots on the street (after rain) or even in broth - when droplets of fat float in the water phase of the broth.

As you probably remember from chemistry lessons, this happens due to the difference in polarity of the molecules. This means that the oil does not have enough energy to "enter" the water molecules and combine with it.

Therefore, theseoily substances , including richer phases of creams, sunscreens, paraffin or siliconesthey cannot be removed by other cosmetics such as those based on oil, because only "fat dissolves fat"!

Oils cope perfectly with residual impurities,without exposing the skin to the loss of its protective layer - sebum.
Because their oily formula is similar to the naturally produced barrier (which I wrote about above), they do not cause defensive reactions of the skin, i.e. excessive production of sebum, as in the case of detergents. :)

But what happens when we deletesebum without providing adequate lipids?In defense, there is increased, uncontrolled production of sebum, then an increase in the number of bacteria and finally the sebaceous glands are clogged with sebum, which in the pores is visible on our skin in the form of pimples, both closed (e.g. papules, pustules) and open (so-called . "blackheads")!

Strong detergents often cause skin irritation and, as a result, bacteria accumulate in previously open pores, clog them (with silicones, paraffin, etc.), increase blackheads, and often also cause redness and an increase in sebum production.

Oilavailable in the offerOlivia Plum , thanks to the careful selection of ingredients, will work for all skin types!


  • Sesame oil - considered one of the greatest "free radical scavengers", slowing down the skin aging process; ensures the maintenance of the skin's protective barrier and proper hydration, and regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Recommended especially for sensitive, atopic, mature and combination skin .
  • Avocado oil - intensively moisturizes, nourishes and smoothes. Perfect for acne-prone skin due to its anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties.
  • Chamomile oil - has a soothing and soothing effect. The ingredients present in chamomile are used both in the fight against acne and in anti-aging treatments.
  • Iris Oil - slows down aging, improves mood, relaxes and soothes the senses.

To sum up:

  • People complaining about dry skin will notice an improvement in the degree of hydration, softening of the epidermis and a significant reduction in irritation thanks to the supply of fatty acids.

  • Those prone to oily skin and acne, regulating sebum production and reducing pimples by (finally) thoroughly cleansing the pores of ingredients in the oil phase.

I loved this method with all my heart, becauseI noticed a significant improvement in the condition of my skinis it thatdue to hydration or reduced number of blackheads!:)

Be sure to write what you think about the use of oils in cleansing and whether this article has convinced you to include them in your daily ritual, I'm excited! ;)

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