Oh yes, we have something in our offer! Today we will present you a unique combination of ingredients in one preparation - jojoba oil with blue chamomile . Suitable for both mature skin and problematic teenage skin? Have I made you curious?

You probably know jojoba oil- it is one of the most valued ingredients in modern cosmetics, its beneficial effects have been appreciated in face, body and hair care, in our product, in addition to valuable jojoba, you will also find exotic blue chamomile.

Advantages of liquid wax such as jojoba oil:

  • vitamin A, which is an antioxidant, thanks to the content of retinol, it regenerates the epidermis,
  • vitamin E, called the vitamin of youth, delays the aging process by strengthening collagen fibers, makes the skin taut and firm,
  • vitamin F is a mixture of unsaturated fatty acids that penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, softening the skin and increasing its tension,
  • it is an oil from the group of drying oils, so it is the best choice for oily, combination and problematic skin, it is light, so it does not clog pores, it effectively helps fight acne

Let's add to thisblue chamomile , which has soothing and calming properties, gives the skin a radiant appearance. After treatment with a mixture of jojoba oil and blue chamomile, gray and dull skin will regain vitality and elasticity.

Now let's learn about the benefits of facial oiling with jojoba oil and blue chamomile:

  • the extremely efficient formula means that you only need one or two drops for complete application to the face!
  • natural oil is intended for all skin types! Caring for problematic skin is quite a challenge. In the case of oily and combination skin, thanks to the content of an ingredient similar to the natural sebum produced by our skin, it stops the overproduction of sebum, thanks to which the skin prone to oily skin will remain fresh. Natural sebum is produced in excess when our skin feels that it needs additional protection, when conditions are unfavorable. The oil will create a lipid coat that will allow your skin to breathe and rest,
  • Dry skin also means an imbalance in sebum production, the skin becomes gray and dull, which makes the signs of aging visible faster - this mix is 鈥嬧媋 panacea also when you struggle with the problems of too dry skin, your skin will receive the perfect portion of hydration and regain its former glow. ,
  • different skin types are one thing, but the unique composition of the preparation is also suitable for people of all ages, remember that prevention is better than cure, so it is worth taking care of the skin in advance, mature skin care
  • you can use the oil on its own in the evening, instead of a serum. Perfect for facial massage using a roller (you can read about rollers made of natural stones HERE ) or for massaging your face with a Gua Sha stone,
  • it can be used at any time of the year, it contains substances that protect against UV radiation, in winter it will protect your skin against constant temperature changes and pollution,
  • the oil has antibacterial properties, if you struggle with imperfections, you can be sure that during application you will not transfer the changes to another place,
  • Thanks to the content of vitamins and nutrients, it strengthens and rebuilds the intercellular cement layer.

    A huge advantage that cannot be forgotten is the natural origin of both ingredients. Jojoba oil obtained from the seeds of the California Simndsia shrubs and blue chamomile oil produced from the middle part of the flower are an absolute must-have for modern care.

    The oil is very durable, it will serve us for a long time unchanged, without losing any of its wonderful properties.

    Remember that the best effect is achieved with an oil matched to your skin type, the mixture of jojoba oil with blue chamomile is unique, but not every oil is suitable for all skin types.

    Natural oils should be used as a base for the cream or interchangeably with it, i.e. the cream in the morning and the oil in the evening. You can also mix the oil with hydrolate, i.e. floral water.

    Tell us about your experience, do you like using vegetable oils in facial care? Have you found your favorite? Do you use it interchangeably with the cream?

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