Facial tonic – what is it and how to use it correctly? When to apply tonic?

Tonik do twarzy – czym jest i jak go poprawnie stosować? Kiedy nakładać tonik?

Facial tonic – what is it and how to use it correctly?

One of the necessary stages of daily facial skin care is toning. A cosmetic intended for this purpose, i.e. a tonic, is an inseparable element of the daily care of many women: both in the evening beauty ritual and in the morning. If you don't use it yet, but you are wondering how, when and why to use it and what effects we can achieve thanks to it, this post is for you. 

Why use tonic?

Tonic is a multi-purpose cosmetic that should be in every bathroom and used every day. A water-based product that, depending on the added ingredients (e.g. extracts, oils, acids, probiotics or vitamins), allows it to be adapted to any skin type. Generally speaking, toners can be divided into two groups: neutral - balancing the skin's pH level (this group includes moisturizing, soothing and refreshing products) and exfoliating (often described as antibacterial or with acids). Regardless of the type of toner, avoid those that contain alcohol - it will always irritate the skin.

If you don't know which tonic will be best for you, read THIS one entry.

We have heard the opinion that it is not worth buying tonic because why pay for water. However, everyone who has used the tonic considers this product to be genuine game changer care, confirming that it improved skin hydration, retained water and maintained skin firmness. How does it happend? Read on.

A tonic that balances the skin's pH

For the beautiful appearance of the skin, it is necessary to maintain its correct pH. The natural pH of the skin is from 3.5 to 5.5. and may be disturbed after washing the face with tap water (which often contains chlorine) or removing make-up. By violating the protective barrier, the pH increases and the skin becomes more susceptible to the harmful effects of external factors and bacterial infections.

Balancing its level (restoring a slightly acidic pH) reduces irritation and makes the face look healthy and radiant. All "neutral" toners, i.e. those that can be used by everyone (regardless of skin type), will moisturize, nourish, hydrate and add shine, and of course balance the pH. Remember that the toner cannot be replaced by micellar fluid because it DOES NOT have a toning effect and does NOT affect the skin's pH.

Application of the tonic quickly and easily balances the pH and prepares the skin to absorb further active ingredients, e.g serum or cream. When used long-term, it strengthens the integrity of the stratum corneum and eliminates, among others, a feeling of tightness and peeling that many of us experience.


Antibacterial tonic, exfoliating tonic, mattifying tonic

Antibacterial tonic thanks to the substances it contains:

  • prevents the proliferation of bacteria
  • reduces the risk of pimples, blackheads and other imperfections
  • calms excessive sebum secretion.

Detoxifying ingredients thoroughly cleanse the skin and, additionally, balance its pH level. Two in one. Tonics with acids also gently support exfoliation of the epidermis by unblocking the sebaceous glands. If your skin struggles with imperfections, enlarged pores, etc., but is also sensitive, we recommend using an exfoliating tonic once a day and supplementing your care with more gentle toning products.

When to use tonic?

  • Toning is the middle stage of care - AFTER cleansing the skin and BEFORE applying products such as cream or serum.
  • Before applying the tonic, clean your face thoroughly - remove make-up, wash off impurities, e.g. dust and smog, and remnants of cosmetics, e.g. gel or foam.
  • We use the tonic both in the MORNING and IN THE EVENING, ensuring that the skin's pH is maintained 24 hours a day. In the case of moisturizing and soothing products, we can also use them during the day to refresh the skin and provide additional hydration, as well as to prevent water loss while staying in air-conditioned rooms, etc.
  • Although the tonic is NOT a cleansing product (micellar fluids, cleansing gels, foams or oils are used for this purpose), when used on a cotton pad to wipe the face after make-up removal, it helps to get rid of the last streaks and remnants of cosmetics, and at the same time (!) rebuild the hydrolipid barrier of the epidermis .
  • If you do NOT wash your face with water in the morning (because it dries your skin) and you do not like washing your face with gel or foam in the morning, wiping your skin with a cotton pad soaked in tonic will gently cleanse it and at the same time prepare it for the application of subsequent products.

How to use tonic? How to apply tonic?

  • There are several ways to apply tonic. In the case of exfoliating and cleansing tonics, we recommend soaking a cotton pad with the cosmetic and gently wiping the skin of the entire face, neck and cleavage. You can also use moisturizing toners in the same way.
  • Another method of application is to put a portion of the cosmetic on your hand, gently "rub" it and pat it vigorously on the face, neck and décolleté. Thanks to this solution, you can be sure that 100% of the goodness contained in your toner will reach your skin.
  • If you have a tonic with an atomizer, just spray your face, neck and décolletage from a distance of 10-15 cm. One spray is enough, but nothing bad will happen if you spray the skin several times.
  • DO NOT wait until the toner is completely absorbed to start applying subsequent care products. Serum, oil  Does the cream applied to damp skin absorb even better! These products "lock" water in the epidermis and prevent it from evaporating.
  • The tonic, unlike micellar fluids, make-up removal milks and oils, does NOT require washing off. After applying the tonic, just wait a few seconds and apply it moisturizing serum , oil or cream. It is a link between the stages of cleansing and moisturizing the skin.
  • To notice the beneficial effects of the tonic, you should use it regularly (at least once a day, and optimally in the morning and evening). If used systematically, it will significantly improve the condition of the skin (permanently moisturize, help fight dry areas or blackheads, reduce imperfections). Don't be surprised if you notice that the serum or cream you have been using so far begins to bring better results - the tonic supports their action, making the skin more susceptible to the absorption of nutrients. Use the tonic diligently for at least 4 weeks to see the long-term effect.
  • Many people use the toner incorrectly, i.e. they treat it like micellar water and use it to remove makeup. Remember that these products are not the same and the tonic is not intended to remove makeup. The tonic "opens" the skin, restores the correct pH and allows the products from the next stages of care to be absorbed and act at their maximum effectiveness.

Regular skin toning is one of the pillars of conscious facial care. Properly cleansed and then toned skin influences the overall care by creating a system of interconnected vessels. A tonic or hydrolate selected appropriately for your skin's needs will make cosmetics such as cream or serum work better. The most important thing - only skin with the appropriate pH can defend itself against pathogens, so in short, the tonic will create a protective barrier against the formation of inflammatory and acne lesions. Do we need to convince you further that it is worth having a tonic in your cosmetics bag?

You can read more about the beneficial effects of tonic here: GUIDE TO FACIAL TONING PRODUCTS and here: SKIN TYPE AND TONIC.

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