TONIC - the most common mistakes made during application and selection

TONIK - najczęściej popełniane błędy podczas aplikacji i wyborze

How to use tonic correctly? This is a question that probably few of us have ever asked ourselves. And it's worth it, because the proper use of cosmetics is as important as their selection. So check what mistakes you should avoid so that you can enjoy the beneficial power of this unique cosmetic - tonic.

1. Wrong choice of tonic

    This is the first and probably the most common mistake. Tonic is not just "water with additives". It is primarily a product that we apply to our face, so before you decide to include it in your daily care, check its composition! Universal moisturizing toners with hyaluronic acid or rose/aloe water will not harm you, but cosmetics based on exfoliating acids or those with the addition of sebum-limiting ingredients are not intended for everyone. So read the labels! And if you don't know what the mysterious-sounding niacinamide or BHA acid means, check it out! The Internet is a mine of knowledge, so you can't avoid it!

    2. Using toner as a cleansing product

      Toner is NOT a facial cleansing product! It's very important to remember this. We do not use it interchangeably or instead of, for example, micellar fluid or washing gel. This is a product that balances the skin's pH, restores its balance and prepares it for the next stages of care. Moreover, unlike micellar fluid, we leave the tonic on the face. We always remove everything that contains certain types of detergents, which are found in even the mildest liquids, from the skin surface. The tonic will definitely work as a final cleansing step. If you want to learn more about what tonic is for, click here .


      3. Waiting for the toner to dry on the skin

      The caring power of the tonic lies mainly in the fact that dewy, moist skin better absorbs the ingredients of creams, cheeses and oils. [ SERUM , JOJOBA OIL ] So do not wait until the product is completely absorbed. If you like to apply the product with a cotton pad, don't regret it and try to make your skin really feel the presence of the tonic.

      4. Occasional use of toner

        Unfortunately, as with everything, nothing good comes quickly. Therefore, if you want to experience the beneficial effects of the tonic, use it regularly! Try to develop a daily habit of using this product and you will really see the difference! After some time, you will certainly notice that your skin looks better, even though you haven't changed the cream or serum at all. This will be the merit of the silent hero, the tonic. Check the use of the product especially in the morning. It is fantastically refreshing and stimulating, washing away the last remnants of sleep from your skin. Add a roller massage to your morning ritual and you will be able to enjoy not only healthy, beautiful skin, but also a younger appearance! [ ROLLERS ]

        5. Product stored incorrectly

          Improperly stored tonic, like any other cosmetic, not only loses its effect, but may even negatively affect the condition of the skin! If you keep your facial products in your bathroom (probably like most of us), make sure they're tightly closed. Store them preferably in their original packaging, away from sunlight and, if possible, in a place with access to air. Damp, warm places in the bathroom favor the formation of mold and bacteria. You can also create a special "cosmetic" shelf in the door of your refrigerator where you can keep selected care products, including tonics. This is a way not only to store them properly, but also to have an extra refreshing effect on the skin!

          Using the toner correctly is easy, and its benefits are really worth moistening a cotton pad every day or pressing the pump a few times. If you have read our previous articles, you certainly already know that skin toning should not be "optional", but is a separate, full-fledged care gesture, which we strongly encourage you to do!

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