Holiday cosmetics bag, or what to pack for a trip?

Wakacyjna kosmetyczka, czyli co spakować na wyjazd?

The travel season has started in earnest. And with them, packing suitcases and travel cosmetic bags. Do you remember how many times you packed your cosmetics bag "quickly" just to accommodate the cosmetics you put in it? We can't count it either. That's why this season mini products from Olivia Plum come to the rescue, thanks to which you won't have to give up your favorite care and your luggage won't be burdened. So what do we recommend taking?


These types of products are often useful when traveling. Even factors such as changing the water or a different type of washing powder for towels used in the hotel can disturb the skin's balance, causing imperfections, drying of the skin or, on the contrary, making it more oily. The complex of pre- and probiotics contained in the DASH tonic restores the skin's balance and enhances the effects of your proven care. Additionally, the DASH toner perfectly refreshes the skin during hot weather or when you want to reapply SPF during the day. The tonic will also be useful for emergency make-up removal if you forgot your liquid or gel.

Ps. HALO tonic in a smaller capacity is also worth throwing into your suitcase. The tonic has a gentle peeling and exfoliating effect, so it perfectly cleanses the skin, especially if we apply a lot of cosmetics, including creams with high SPF, which are difficult to remove.


A good serum can replace a cream and will save space in your suitcase. Our DRIP, LIFT and GLOW sera have a smaller capacity, ideal for travel, and different effects:

  • DRIP with hyaluronic acid moisturizes well and is perfect under makeup.
  • LIFT with niacinamide regenerates the skin and helps reduce facial imperfections caused by partying until the morning, changing your diet or simply your period.
  • GLOW with vitamin C enhances the effect of SPF, so you can apply it under sunscreen creams. It moisturizes well, brightens and reduces discoloration.

REUSABLE cotton pads

A set of reusable cotton pads takes up little space in your cosmetics bag, and is very convenient - you can use them to remove makeup and apply tonic. After use, wash them in ordinary soap, rinse them under running water and use them the next day!

When completing your travel cosmetics bag, don't forget about:

  1. Soaps - hotel soaps definitely do not have caring properties, but natural soaps do. Additionally, they are easy to pack.
  2. Hair shampoo bars - easy to transport and at the same time ecological.
  3. Roll-on or stick deodorant - remember that aerosols do not pass inspections, even though they have small capacities. Most deodorants/antiperspirants usually no longer contain aluminum, but it is always worth checking the label.
  4. Creams with SPF - always with UVA/UVB protection and preferably with a protection level of 50. Believe that even with such a filter you will not come back pale, and you will protect your skin against carcinogenic radiation.
  5. Toothpaste and toothbrush - of all the bathroom and care accessories, we most often forget about the most banal toothbrush.
  6. Antibacterial hand gel - you are surprised how often you will use it. In extremely emergency situations, you can use it to disinfect minor wounds and abrasions.

What if you forget your toothpaste or shower gel? Don't worry. Your companion will definitely lend it to you. After all, you have packed the most important care ;)

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