How to fight the passage of time and eliminate unwanted problems on our face? A few steps to make you look and feel beautiful every day!

For the new year, a better start. It's time for #slowlife & #slowbeauty!

Step 1)Cleanse your skin in two steps

Remember that only clean skin is healthy skin. Proper cleansing should consist of:oiland a water-based product (foam, gel, syndet, milk or natural soap) - only such a set will get rid of parabens, silicones and heavy fatty substances contained in foundations or fatty creams, thanks to which you will protect yourself against the appearance of skin eruptions!

Step 2) Don't forget to cleanse your face in the morning

Yes, yes, yes, this is an incredibly important point! Why is it so important, since we don't wear make-up while sleeping, smog or other exhaust fumes stay outside our windows, and we go to bed properly cared for? I'm translating now!

First thing is thissweat , which is naturally secreted by our glands during these few hours, except thatit clogs our pores and provides a great living environment for bacteria , including:
Propionibacterium acnes - causing acne vulgaris!

While we sleep, our skin also goes through exfoliation processes, which means thatdead cells of our epidermis circulate not only in the air but fall on the bedding and face. And the dust? It is nothing more than a combination of our exfoliated, dead cells with plant pollen, mites, soil or parts of hair!This is why there is so much talk about frequent changes of bed linen and disposable face towels. If you have a problem with recurring skin problems, pay special attention to the above points.

Step 3) Exfoliate your face with an appropriate scrub

This is one of the most multi-functional steps!

It not only unclogs pores clogged by dead epidermis cells, but also improves blood circulation, preparing the skin for further care - ensuring better absorption of preparations! Which peel should I choose?

-Enzymatic peelings- it is an ideal solution for sensitive, delicate skin and skin affected by pyogenic acne. Enzymes left for about 15-20 minutes ensure smooth skin without irritation or the spread of inflammation on the rest of the face.

-Gommage peels- they come in the form of a gel or a mask containing abrasive particles. We apply it to the facial skin, wait until it dries slightly (about 10-15 minutes) and then, massaging the face with circular movements, we roll the product and wipe off the cosmetic together with the dead skin cells. :) Wash off the leftovers with lukewarm water. It takes time, but apart from exfoliation, it beautifully evens out the skin tone and has anti-aging properties!

-Granular peels- thanks to abrasive particles in the form of ground grains, salt or sugar, they provide the highest level of exfoliation compared to the above-mentioned cosmetics. These peels are therefore suitable for normal, combination and oily skin, not prone to irritation, because too large or too sharp a particle can easily irritate the skin.

Appropriately selectedchemical peels,they are also used in cosmetology to reduce discolorations, scars and stretch marks, but under no circumstances should you use them at home yourself - they can easily cause skin burns (literally!).

Step 4) Remember to moisturize and massage your face!

Once you have properly cleansed, exfoliated and toned your skin, moisturize it with appropriate preparations - there are many of them on the cosmetics market - essences, emulsions, lotions, serums, creams... I think the possibilities in this matter are endless.

It's good, remember that the condition of our skin changes, whether with a change in the season, health condition, place of residence or, for example, a change in water. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to what our skin needs in a given period and using products interchangeably :)

To improve blood circulation, increase the absorption of cosmetics and eliminate any swelling, it is worth supporting the applicationfacial massage roller ! This is a gadget loved by the biggest Hollywood stars and Victoria Secret's Angels - it really works! I wrote about its advantages in my November articleFACIAL MASSAGE USING A ROLLER . By performing lifting movements with it - from bottom to top, you will also improve the contour of your face.

What cosmetics do we recommend?

Jojoba oil with blue chamomile is a dose of great hydration and soothing for skin that requires regeneration and relief of inflammation, e.g. in the form of acne vulgaris.Argan oil , i.e. "Moroccan gold", closed in a glass bottle, is an excellent free radical scavenger. Supports anti-aging effects and nourishes tired skin! :)

Step 5) Take care of your sleep!

Scientific research confirms that around 2:00/3:00 a.m. our skin is best supplied with blood, which facilitates the regeneration and detoxification process, affecting its radiant appearance!

In addition, good sleep is a guarantee of greater production of collagen and elastin, responsible for elasticity and elasticity!

Sleep is definitely the cheapest way to look beautiful and healthy, so if you are reading this article at night, we still encourage you to postpone it until you drink your morning coffee and go to sleep!

Try to sleep for 7 to 9 hours every day if possible! :)

Over the years, each of us increasingly remembers the moment when our skin looked flawless. Puberty is over and the hormones are still raging. Smog, alcohol, fast, unhealthy food and a large number of new cosmetics that are not suitable for our skin are the curses of the 21st century, let's not give up. Let's be healthy and beautiful :)

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