The dry massage brush can be used every day before each bath or at least 2-3 times a week. Why is it worth massaging your body skin dry and how to do it? We tell you why it is worth trying a massage with a natural brush instead of an expensive visit to the SPA.

Why use a natural body massage brush?

  1. If you feel swollen, you have the so-called heavy legs and you feel like there is water in every inch of your body, it means that your lymphatic system is not working well. This is the fault of the metabolism, which slows down with age and is not helped by a sedentary lifestyle or eating in a hurry.
  2. If you are struggling with the problem of cellulite and you don't like the dry spots that you find on your skin more and more often, or maybe you use an epilator and ingrown hairs are a problem for your long legs?
  3. The massage brush is used to remove dead skin and remove toxins from the body. If you do the massage in the morning, it will stimulate you and give you vitality, if you do it in the evening before taking a bath, it will help remove tension and facilitate relaxation.

You can eliminate or significantly improve all the conditions mentioned above. Ritual finish with your favorite body oil, to enhance the effect, choose the perfect oil for your skin, e.g. C heer up .

Fun fact! Did you know that you can perform body massage not only with a brush, but also with a Gua Sha plate? Then, of course, such a treatment has more relaxing properties and improves the functioning of the lymphatic system than peeling, but it is a great complement to brushing. Do you want to try both? Reach for the Body care set.

How to perform a body massage with a brush?

  • Firstly, the brush has quite stiff bristles and the first contact with it may seem painful, so remember to massage the body gently at the beginning and increase the pressure with subsequent treatments. Also pay attention to body parts, be subtle when massaging the neckline and arrogant when massaging the soles of the feet.
  • All brush movements should be directed towards the heart , as this is the direction of lymph flow, so we massage the legs from the feet to the thighs, not the other way around. The neck massage is performed from the head to the chest, with long movements.
  • We brush the joints and abdomen with circular movements, clockwise - just like our lymphatic system runs.

Tip! If you have sensitive skin and are afraid to brush your body using the classic dry method, try the "wet" option. Wet the bristles of the brush to make them softer, or lubricate the skin with oil beforehand. Our Cheer Up oil will work great and smells amazing.

Remember to always clean the brush after brushing your body with oil. Just clean its fibers thoroughly with washing gel or soap. To keep the brush in shape, dry it with the fibers facing up.

The effect of body brushing on the skin

  • Dry brushed skin will be smooth , and thanks to improved lymph flow you will get rid of swelling.
  • You naturally stimulate the skin, which becomes visibly brighter will firm up , its color will also improve significantly.
  • Efficiently you will reduce the visibility of cellulite.
  • You will prevent the appearance of stretch marks , this is an excellent massage for pregnant women because it is performed without the use of chemicals that could cause allergic reactions.

The schedule for this evening for me is:

1. Dry brushing (who will brush my back? :))

2. Bath (not hot!),

3. And my favorite stage - body oiling , which is extremely soothing for the skin after such a dose of emotions. :)

You know body massage brushes ? How do you perform massage yourself? Do you dry brush your skin or use gloves when bathing?

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