Gemstones - what effect do they have on our health?

Kamienie szlachetne - jaki wpływ mają na nasze zdrowie?

Do you know the healing properties of natural stones? Each stone has meaning and power.

Have you ever heard of a beneficial influence? amethyst , which is considered a stone of harmony and relaxation? It helps soothe your nerves and relax after a hard day, but is also (!) effective in the fight against skin imperfections. Or maybe well known to us in Poland amber? It supports the heart and circulatory system, relieves cold symptoms and helps with rheumatism.

There are more such stones! Their impact on our body was known 3,000 years ago - today we call the ancient philosophy of treating the body and soul with natural stones. lithotherapy. The stone treatment method has been used in traditional Chinese medicine, and has recently become very fashionable in Western medicine and other Eastern cultures.

Health is an energy balance between what is in the physical and what is in the mind, in excessive stress the energy channels get blocked, which negatively affects our well-being, it is the stones that help in unblocking the flow of energy. The condensed mixture of chemical elements found in stones corresponds to those found in our bodies.

Natural massage stones

In the comfort of your own home, you can perform a soothing facial ritual that will significantly improve the condition of your skin. Massaging your face by relaxing your muscles will make you feel relaxed and calm. The cool structure of the stone closes pores and improves blood circulation, resulting in a lifting effect. We can also heat the roller in the sun and perform a warming massage. We wrote more about massage here

Jade facial massage roller

Jade is a stone of eternal youth and balance, in Chinese culture it was believed that these stones bring happiness, purity, kindness and intelligence. Jadeite reduces muscle tension, which makes it a perfect aid in the treatment of wrinkle smoothing, supports the treatment of acne and reduces dilated capillaries. The jade facial roller will also look beautiful in your bathroom.

Rose quartz roller

Rose quartz it is a love mineral, it stimulates sensuality and enhances empathy. It has a beneficial and soothing effect on the skin, makes it elastic and eliminates wrinkles, and stimulates the body to free itself from excess water and toxins. Relieves anxiety, stress and nervousness.

It is best to store the quartz facial massager in a cool place, it can be a refrigerator - but NEVER a freezer - the massage should last until the roller becomes warm. Cosmetic facial massage using a roller has draining properties, so it should be performed from the center of the face towards the lymph nodes.

Before the massage, cleanse and tone your facial skin. Before using a jade or quartz roller, apply to your face: a natural facial serum or your favorite oil (see our offer oils and feel the healing power hidden in nature.

Or maybe you have your favorite stone amulet? If you liked the topic or have your own experiences with natural stones, be sure to share it with us! :)

PS: Mine has always been plum :), i.e. amethyst, and that's why our roller skate offer couldn't miss it. I hope you love it too Amethyst roller just like me!

Please remember that natural medicine should be used as a supplement, not a replacement for conventional medicine. In case of health problems, it is necessary to consult a specialist at the very beginning. In case of skin problems, a dermatologist will provide answers, you can also ask your family doctor for advice.

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