Why is it worth burning soy candles?

Dlaczego warto palić świece sojowe?

Dusk outside, a hard day at work, wind, raindrops dripping on your woolen coat, when you forgot your umbrella at home again.
Fall can be overwhelming. Sometimes it's enough to surrender to the arms of a loved one or immerse your thoughts in your favorite song words.
Sometimes to feel complete relief and relaxation, we need something more.

About how and why candles affect our well-being and what to do to choose the one that will give us 100% satisfaction :)


Research shows that the nose is one of the most valuable channels on the way to the brain - the smell of a soy candle, so it affects:

1. Memory and concentration:

By accelerating the flow of information to the part of the brain responsible for long-term memory! Learning and working with a lit candle is faster and more effective!

2. Stress relief:

The power of aromatherapy has been known for years. Scientists and doctors talk loudly about how scent minimizes the effects of depression, poor well-being and reduces muscle tension. Scent works best for this function cedar or jasmine .

3. Energy:

Candles with certain scents, i.e. orange Whether peppermint is a guarantee of good energy and stimulation every day! Lime Additionally, it eliminates headaches, so it is even better than a large dose of caffeine! ;)


1. Longer burning time:

Soy candles burn evenly from the sides of the vessel. The burning time is up to 50% longer thanks to the lower melting point - which -

2. There is no possibility of getting burned.

3. Better fragrance intensity:

Soy is a 100% natural product that does not produce harmful products that react with essential oils, absorbing and changing their beautiful smell and thus eliminating their precious properties.

4. Healthier for the environment and ourselves:

Due to the fact that paraffin is a derivative of crude oil, its combustion causes the production of soot and the accumulation of dangerous chemicals responsible for, among others, for the development of cancer, problems with breathing, the circulatory system and the nervous system.

Natural candles are biodegradable and because they do not smoke, they do not increase the level of carbon dioxide in the air.

Moreover, after burning the wax, there is no need to scrub the dishes with special liquids - the remains can be easily removed with water and soap and you can use the container as a stand for makeup brushes or store your favorite trinkets in it.

Document The Environmental Protection Agency Research and Development also warns against candles produced on the Chinese market, in which LEAD is often added to the wicks, which can damage the lungs!

As you can see - price comes with quality, so it's not worth saving and when buying candles, instead of reaching for the cheap ones from the supermarket, it's worth choosing the natural, soy, good quality ones :)

So let's choose wisely - for ourselves, our loved ones and the environment, combining business with pleasure :)

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