They wrote about us! | DASH moisturizing essence

Napisali o nas! | Esencja nawilżająca DASH
This is another review of our products on the blog ! This time the girls tested the latest product from the Olivia Plum offer, i.e DASH moisturizing essence with hyaluronic acid.

We leave you a small foretaste of what the girls from the blog wrote about our tonic and the active ingredients it contains. BlessTheMess :

  • Valuable hydrolates composed of: there is rose water (one of the most universal plant waters - it works in many directions and helps every skin, regardless of type and age) and aloe water (a very good hydrator that also soothes irritations);
  • [...]
  • Additional ingredients with multidirectional action: there is green tea extract (bactericidal, strengthening, soothing, sebum-regulating extract, and a great antioxidant), Yacon root juice (rich in vitamins and minerals, moisturizing and caring for the skin's balance), Alpha-glucan (moisturizes and prevents water from escaping from the epidermis, inhibits the growth of bad bacteria and strengthens the microbiome), Lactobacillus (probiotic - strengthens the skin's immunity)

You can find the entire entry here: click!
DASH tonic you can buy it here: click!

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