They wrote about us! | DASH moisturizing ritual and tonic

Napisali o nas! | Rytuał nawilżający i tonik DASH

Ela - author of the She is crazy about beauty issues and her work has been related to them for several years. Taking care of yourself is her passion, and cosmetics reviews result from her knowledge as a cosmetologist and knowledge obtained from reliable sources. Ela tests everything on herself and shares her conclusions with readers on her own blog about conscious self-care.

We are very pleased that Ela wanted to test on her own skin the effect of our Moisturizing Ritual consisting of three elements: moisturizing essence , serum with hyaluronic acid and jade roller .

What does she think about him?

"However, if you want to expand your minimalist care a bit, consider introducing a slightly richer care ritual. As I test millions of cosmetics, I know like no one else how important a solid base, a well-prepared canvas, i.e. healthy, moisturized skin, is. Without this, I couldn't introduce care with advanced retinoids, niacinamide or acids. Make sure that Carry out the following moisturizing ritual at least once or twice a week (preferably every day) and I guarantee that you will see a difference in the quality of your skin (complexion, neck and décolleté).


When I carry out: usually in the evening. But in fact, in the morning, if you can spare 5 minutes, it is worth moisturizing your skin in this way also in the morning!

  1. I cleanse my skin with a delicate face wash gel or emulsion. This is an important stage - you need to wash off the remnants of evening care, sweat, sebum and impurities that are present even in a seemingly clean bedroom.
  2. I dose about half a teaspoon of tonic into the palm of my hand. I do it by eye - with Dash it takes about 4 sprays.
  3. I quickly apply the tonic to my face, gently pat it in, but do not allow it to absorb. You can also use the Korean 7Skin method, which involves applying several layers of tonic!
  4. Just as quickly as the toner, I apply a deeply moisturizing serum. Be sure to use it on skin that is still damp from the tonic. Currently, I use Drip Olivia Plum serum. I don't regret the quantity.
  5. I use a jade roller to massage my face onto the skin moist with serum. This way I spread and inject moisture as deep as possible. Below you will find instructions on how to perform a facial massage.

Read Eli's entire article about our moisturizing ritual here: CLICK!

You can buy DASH tonic here: CLICK!

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