They wrote about us | Oil for problematic skin

Napisali o nas | Olejek do sk贸ry problematycznej
This is another review of our products on the blog ! This time, Ilona used our chamomile oil with jojoba. See what he thinks about it and who he recommends it to !

We leave you a little foretaste of what Ilona wrote about us:
" Jojoba oil is light, easily absorbed and does not clog pores. And blue chamomile oil soothes, soothes redness and calms the skin. When you apply such oil in the evening to an acne-inflamed area, the redness will not be so visible in the morning. And your face will look dry instead of dry. it will remain smooth and soft. This is important because the worst thing about acne is not the pimples themselves, but what remains after them. Moisturizing and soothing formulas of cosmetics protect us against scars or reduce their size."

You can find the entire entry here:HERE (click!) (CLICK!)
However, you can buy the oilhere (click) !

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