There are many types of acne, and each of them is caused by different factors - age, hormonal changes, improper care. Recently, however, a completely new skin condition has become a sign of our times, i.e. the so-called maskne, which more and more people are complaining about. So what is it and how to prevent it? We explain!


In simple terms, maskne is acne that occurs as a result of wearing a protective mask. Under the layer of material, the skin microbiome is imbalanced (read more about it here: What is the skin microbiome? ). A warm, moist environment is an ideal environment for the development of microorganisms, and the skin produces larger amounts of sebum, resulting in the formation of blackheads and pimples. Although maskne obviously applies to people with problematic skin, which is naturally more prone to imperfections, it is worth knowing that it also affects people with dry or normal skin.

However, before we move on to care tips, we should mention the absolute basis of hygiene when wearing protective masks. Disposable masks, as the name suggests, should only be used once. And it's not only about beauty issues, but above all health issues. Bacteria, air pollution, flaking epidermis - all this settles on the inside of the mask, so let's make sure that it comes into contact with the skin for as short a time as possible. In turn, wash reusable fabric masks at high temperature with mild detergents and as often as possible. Important! According to doctors' recommendations, the mask should be replaced every time you feel it is getting wet and at least once an hour. And although it sounds a bit burdensome, trust the specialists - your skin will reward you for this kind overzealousness.


Care for skin affected by maskne should be based on products that soothe, have anti-inflammatory properties and regulate sebum production. Therefore, we give up on strongly drying cosmetics, which not only do not help, but also irritate the skin. A simple routine, good quality products and regularity will certainly help you get your skin back on track and, later, prevent acne. So why go for it?

Soap - cleansing is the first, very important step in the care of skin affected by maskne. A properly selected product should not only refresh the face, but also have antibacterial properties. Just like our soap with black carbon, which attracts impurities and toxins like a magnet. Additionally, thanks to the content of natural oils and butters (including shea and olive oil), it does not dry out the skin.

    For people with sensitive skin, we recommend soap with silk and pink clay, which also copes well with imperfections, but is slightly gentler than black charcoal.

    Tonic - toning is an extremely important step in skin care for all types of acne, pimples and blackheads. This cosmetic helps restore the appropriate pH of the skin, thanks to which its microbiome regains balance. DASH tonic also contains a complex of pre- and probiotics, which strengthens the skin's protective barrier and soothes irritations. Additionally, thanks to the content of hyaluronic acid, the product moisturizes the skin well, which cannot be forgotten when fighting for beautiful skin. < DASH tonic> Interestingly, it is worth using the benefits of tonic not only in the morning or evening, but also during the day. If you happen to have to wear a mask all day, during breaks from wearing it, spray your face with a light mist to soothe your skin and restore its proper balance.

    Serum - a properly selected product can be the real golden grail of anti-acne care. Highly concentrated active ingredients such as niacinamide contained in our LIFT serum regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands, have antibacterial properties and reduce inflammation. < LIFT Serum>

    Oil - why oil? In addition to reducing imperfections, you should also remember to moisturize and strengthen tired skin. However, it is important to choose a product that does not clog and is suitable for problematic skin. Blue Calm jojoba oil with blue chamomile is a product with a light consistency, which is non-comedogenic (i.e. does not clog pores causing breakouts), and at the same time has a regenerating effect and heals minor wounds and damage. < Blue Calm Oil >

    If you want to learn more about our oil for the care of problematic skin, check out the post by the girls from the Bless The Mess blog < Oil for problematic skin >

    This type of care routine can be used both after removing the mask and before putting it on. It can also be used as a make-up base, so if you like to use make-up, you don't have to give it up. And remember, take care not only of your skin, but above all of your health and wear a mask!

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