What is the skin microbiome?

Czym jest mikrobiom sk贸ry?

What is the skin microbiome?

Many of you probably pay special attention to the selection of appropriate cosmetics, trying to decipher the needs of your skin and choose products that guarantee not only beauty, but also health. However, to understand your skin as best as possible, it is worth starting from the basics, i.e. how the skin is built and what functions it performs.

How is skin constructed?

You probably learned about the structure of the skin in biology class, but it's worth recalling some basic information. The skin consists of three layers: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The layer we wash and apply creams, balms and oils to is the epidermis. It is in direct contact with the environment and the epidermis is responsible for protecting us against microorganisms. Although the epidermis seems to be thin, it consists of as many as five layers to perform its function properly. The deepest layer is where cell proliferation takes place, while the outermost layer is the stratum corneum. And until recently, this was the end of the separation of individual skin elements.

For some time now, however, the microbiome, considered to be the sixth, equally important layer, has been experiencing its five minutes. So what is it?

What is the microbiome?

Although it sounds quite mysterious, the microbiome is nothing else than the microorganisms found on the surface of the skin. Its composition depends on age (its presence decreases over time) and the body surface on which it is located. The microbiome consists of both "good" microorganisms and those that cause skin diseases, e.g. the popular acne or various types of infections. However, as long as the microbiome is in balance, our skin is well protected and does not experience any unwanted surprises. However, we know that our surroundings do not spare us, environmental pollution, medications, the already mentioned age or improper care can disturb the desired balance. Owners of sensitive skin, especially susceptible to damage, must take care of their skin microbiome.

How do cosmetics affect the skin microbiome?

It is not without reason that the correct pH of cosmetics is often mentioned in the context of skin care. Too low can lead to an imbalance in the microbiota, so it is important to pay attention to the products used already at the cleansing stage. In the daily care routine, a cosmetic that restores the skin's good pH (i.e. slightly acidic) is tonic. Until recently, neglected, now it is regaining its place on bathroom shelves. And that's very good, because it is not only a fragrant, moisturizing mist, but above all a product that has a very specific task - to support the skin microbiome <more about tonic can be found here: WHAT IS TONIC? >. Ideally, such a cosmetic contains pre- and probiotics. Just like DASH tonicDASH TONIC .

What are pre- and probiotics?

We most often hear about pre- and probiotics in the context of protective products, e.g. when taking antibiotics. However, these ingredients play an equally important role in skin care. So what are pre- and probiotics and how do they differ?

According to WHO, probiotics are live microorganisms that, when administered in appropriate amounts, have a positive effect on health. Their task is to increase the skin's immunity, stimulate the multiplication of good bacterial flora and at the same time inhibit the multiplication of pathogens.

What do cosmetics do with probiotics?

  1. They prevent skin imperfections - acne, atopic dermatitis
  2. They protect against dry skin.
  3. They have anti-aging properties.
  4. They add elasticity and smooth the skin.

Prebiotics are nothing else than nutrients for microorganisms, such as probiotics. Thanks to prebiotics, probiotics work and maintain their balance.

In DASH tonic you will find a combination of these two ingredients:

  1. They strengthen the bacterial flora of the skin, i.e. the microbiome already discussed.
  2. They protect the skin against dehydration.
  3. They maintain its proper pH.

As you can see, this microbiome is not as scary as it is painted, and most importantly - it plays a very important role in maintaining healthy, strong skin. It is therefore important to choose appropriate cosmetics that not only do not disturb the bacterial flora, but also support its proper development and maintenance of balance. Just like DASH tonic does.

Karolina, March 22, 2021

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