How to take care of the skin of 30- and 40-year-olds

Jak dba膰 o sk贸r臋 30 i 40-latki

The skin of a 30-year-old woman


Beautiful 30-year-old. This is what skin can be like if we take care of it properly. The key element of a young and healthy appearance, regardless of age, is, of course, prevention, but properly selected care will maintain this effect and even eliminate existing imperfections. And these can be various. Starting from fine wrinkles and crow's feet, through discolorations and enlarged pores, to imperfections. This is completely normal. Metabolism naturally slows down, hormonal balance also changes, and the skin produces less collagen. The skin of 30-year-olds is also exposed to strong and unfavorable effects of external factors, especially if they live in large cities. It is also important that during daily care you pay attention not only to your complexion, but also to the skin of your entire body. Smooth, well-groomed skin is not only a beautiful showcase, but also a pleasure.


So where to start? From cleansing! For all skin types and ages, thoroughly removing make-up and impurities is essential, but let's face it - many of us often ignore this step. Work, children, or maybe an all-night party - there can be many reasons. It is important not to forget about makeup removal. Depending on your preferences and the type of cosmetics you use, you can choose from many cosmetic formulas. At Olivia Plum you will find especially oil-based ones, such as the floral make-up removal oil, which thoroughly and effectively removes even waterproof mascara or super-long-lasting lipstick. The second stage is cleansing the face with water and gel, foam or soap. However, you should definitely avoid classic, highly alkaline and astringent soaps in favor of delicate moisturizing products with rich, natural ingredients, e.g. liquid soap with rose oil or bar soap with the addition of silk, vegetable oils and butters, which can be selected depending on your skin type. Olivia Plum SOAPS . You should also use a peeling 1-2 times a week to refresh and soften your skin. This is where a whole range of products come in handy, from cleansing sponges, to mechanical peels, to enzymatic peels.


The next important stage is, of course, moisturizing and nourishing. At this age, however, a basic moisturizer may not be enough. It is worth enriching your care with a highly concentrated serum that will strongly rebuild and protect the skin. Modern preparations have such a light consistency that they are also perfect under heavier creams or makeup. Olivia Plum's DRIP moisturizing serum contains, among others: hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, which make even very dehydrated skin glow. In turn, the content of anti-pollution substances protects it against pollution and the effects of the external environment. The silky formula illuminates the skin and creates a smooth base for makeup, nourishing the skin all day long.


How to take care of your body? As with the skin - start with cleansing. The skin of the body is usually less susceptible to irritation and possible allergies, so it is worth using cosmetics with pleasant aromas that will make daily hygiene a pleasant ritual. Peeling bars with a sweet, slightly coconut scent from Olivia Plum will certainly appeal to women who like subtle scents and the effect of a nourished, smooth body provided by vegetable oils and poppy seeds. SOAP WITH POPPY SEEDSAfter each bath or shower, apply lotion or light body oil. Cheer Up body oil, thanks to the composition of jasmine, vanilla and ylang - ylang essential oils, stimulates and improves the mood, and at the same time provides excellent care.

The skin of a 40-year-old woman

Although the difference in age is small (at least we believe so), the needs of 40-year-old skin are completely different. The first changes that could be noticed a decade earlier are now clearly visible. Wrinkles deepen, the face oval loses definition and the skin loses density. The processes taking place in the appearance of the skin are largely caused by estrogen deficits.

Therefore, when planning skin care, you should choose more concentrated cosmetics with richer compositions and stronger ingredients. Ladies of this age also struggle with dry skin, which is why oil care is highly recommended. Olivia Plum includes, among others: the so-called Moroccan gold, i.e. argan oil, which, thanks to its rich composition, will deeply moisturize the skin, nourish it and calm inflammation. When choosing a face oil, it is important to check its composition - it should be 100%.ARGAN OILOils are also great for hair care. Just one drop is enough to tame dry hair ends and give them a healthy shine. In turn, for women who, in addition to anti-wrinkle treatment, are also looking for help for problematic skin, jojoba oil has been created, which, in addition to its smoothing and elasticizing properties, copes with oily skin and imperfections.JOJOBA FACE AND NECK OIL

As with younger skin, it is also worth using the benefits of a serum with a delicate formula. After all, makeup is still an important element of the daily routine, so the DRIP serum will also be perfect in this case. Strongly nourishing, protecting, smoothing and illuminating the complexion, it is an excellent nourishing base that covers the complexion with a silky, moisturizing film.

Each age has its own rights and privileges, but regardless of age - care must be regular to be effective. This is the basic determinant of its effectiveness. And what can daughters, mothers and grandmothers benefit from? The benefits of facial massage!

Facial massage with a roller and Gua Sha facial massage

Gua sha rollers and tiles made of natural stones are a real cosmetic hit of recent seasons that are not going away. And very well! Facial massage improves blood circulation in the skin and helps reduce lymphatic stasis, which can accumulate and cause a tired facial expression. Additionally, they firm and reduce swelling. Not to mention the fact that such a facial massage is exceptionally relaxing both in the morning, before the start of the day, and in the evening. Professional facial massages are a pleasure that not all of us can afford. However, proper finger massage can be difficult to perform. A Gua Sha roller or massage stone is easier to use and at the same time still very effective. A 3D quartz roller, a jade Gua Sha plate or a classic amethyst roller are wonders that will create a wonderful duo with the selected facial oil or serum.

How to do a facial massage? How to perform a Gua Sha plate massage? How to roll your face with a roller? Read the step-by-step instructions: CLICK!

All you need is a protective lip balm with the addition of beeswax, lavender and masticha and a perfectly composed cosmetic bag for any age is ready! After all, you should take care of your skin regardless of your age!

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