More beautiful in autumn, or how to take care of your skin and hair?

Piękniej jesienią, czyli jak zadbać o skórę i włosy?

Delight in autumn! Radiant skin and shiny hair are the most beautiful feminine accessory, regardless of current trends. Therefore, devote long autumn evenings to proper care and time for yourself. What? Check!


During this period, the skin and hair do not have an easy time. When exposed to low temperatures and cold wind, they become susceptible to irritation, and the heated air in homes and offices causes them to lose moisture faster. Therefore, autumn is a good time of year to use richer, more substantial cosmetics. For example, oils.

Called the gold of Morocco, Argan oil it is one of the most valuable, because the most difficult to obtain, oils in the world. It is pressed from unroasted seeds of the argan tree, which occurs only in southwestern Morocco. True to its common name, it has a golden hue and a characteristic, slightly nutty smell.

Argan oil ( Argan oil ) can be used for both skin and hair care. When massaged into the complexion, it will deeply nourish the skin, restore skin firmness and reduce wrinkles. It is also an ally in the fight against dermatological problems, e.g. acne, scars or psoriasis. Applied to the ends of the hair, it will protect them from splitting, make them shiny and beautifully emphasize the curl of the curls.

Tip: The oil is also perfect as an addition to your favorite cream or mask.

On the other hand almond oil ( Almond oil ) will appeal to people who value the properties of classic oils and expect the cosmetic to be quickly absorbed. People who struggle with tense and dry skin, brittle nails and weakened hair should include them in their daily beauty routine.

Tip: Both argan and almond oil can be used during hair oiling treatments. Just apply the cosmetic to dry hair and massage it into the strands. People with oily hair problems should use the oil from the mid-length of their hair.


The colder season often means gray, dull skin and protruding, painful cuticles. How to deal with this? Very simple. Regular exfoliation. Preferably one that additionally cares for the skin. Our peeling cubes full of natural ingredients, they remove dead skin while moisturizing. For those who love stronger peeling, we have created a version with pomegranate particles ( Pomegranate peeling soap ) , and for those who prefer more gentle exfoliation, a vegan bar with poppy seeds ( Soap with poppy seeds) .

Both soaps are composed of olive oil, coconut, almond and castor oil, avocado, St. John's wort, jojoba and cocoa and shea butters. A real nourishing composition for beautiful skin! Additionally, we added silk amino acids to the pomegranate cube, which you loved so much in our versions facial soaps ( Natural soaps ) and… wine!

The unique properties of wine are useful not only during autumn evenings with a book or with a friend, but also in the bathroom. We like wine care so much that we will soon surprise you a novelty that will revitalize tired facial skin. Keep your finger on the pulse!

Tip: put your chosen soap next to the soap you use for washing every day and alternate them every 2-3 days.

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