A moisturizing ritual in three steps

Rytua艂 nawil偶aj膮cy w trzech krokach

How to perform the ritual?

Step 1

Spray the DASH mist directly onto the cleansed skin of the face, neck and cleavage

Tip :You can also use the mist during the day to refresh and add radiance to your skin.

Step 2

Tip :By applying the serum to skin that is damp from the tonic, you will lock in water and the moisturizing effect will last longer.

Step 3

Enhance the effects of the products by massaging your facial skin with a jade roller .

Tip :Make movements from the inside to the outside of the face and from the bottom to the top, working against the force of gravity. We recommend keeping the roller in the refrigerator if you want an enhanced refreshing effect.

Why does it work?
  • After using the DASH tonic, the skin is fresh and smooth to the touch, ready for further care
  • DRIP serum ensures proper skin hydration, protects against moisture loss and protects against external factors
  • Skin massage with a facial ROLLER improves blood and lymph circulation, thanks to which the facial skin is better oxygenated.
  • A cold natural stone massage around the eyes makes the swelling disappear and you get rid of the feeling of tiredness.

Why does duty become a pleasant ritual?
  • The tonic, applied after washing the face, restores the skin's proper pH, moisturizes and brightens the skin, maintaining skin comfort around the clock.
  • Facial massage using cold natural stones eliminates swelling under the eyes and facial fatigue in the morning.
  • Applying the serum is extremely convenient: DRIP absorbs quickly, so you can immediately apply the cream and any make-up.

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