Happiness in Two Steps Ritual

Rytuał Szczęście w Dwóch Krokach

How to perform the ritual?

Before the ritual, take a refreshing shower in the morning. Then cleanse your face according to your preferences. Spray your face with tonic or hydrolate.

Step 1

Apply a few pumps of Cheer up oil to your hand and massage it into your cleansed and slightly damp body. Improve your mood with the scent of vanilla and ylang-ylang found in Cheer up body oil. The composition of aromas stimulates the senses and encourages action. The scent stays on the skin for a long time.

Tip : Apply the oil to your body while it is still damp from the bath and the oil will be absorbed faster.

Step 2

Use a cooled roller to massage your face. Focus on the eye area if your eyes are swollen in the morning.

Tip: Remember that when massaging the eye area, we use a smaller stone and move it from the outside to the inside. The effect will be better if you place the roller in the refrigerator first, because its temperature will remain low for longer.

Why does it work?
  • Facial skin massage improves blood and lymph circulation, thanks to which the facial skin is better oxygenated and you get rid of fatigue. A cold natural stone massage around the eyes makes the swelling disappear.
  • Cheer up body oil contains ylang ylang & vanilla, which stimulate us, make us feel happier and energized to act, used in aromatherapy as mood improvers.

Why does duty become a pleasant ritual?
  • Facial massage using cold natural stones helps you get rid of tiredness in the morning, even after a sleepless night.
  • We apply the oil to the skin to nourish and moisturize it, avoid dryness, especially during winter and the heating season, but thanks to the combination of essential oils, we additionally feel stimulated and willing to act.

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