Morning Wrap Ritual

Rytuał Poranne Otulenie

How to perform the ritual

Step 1

Take a refreshing shower in the morning and then start your care. Apply a small amount of body oil to the skin of the entire body. Massage gently.

Tip: If your skin is still slightly damp after a shower, the oil will be absorbed even faster.

Step 2

Start taking care of your face. Before going outside, especially in autumn and winter, protect your facial skin against dehydration - use Drip Moisturizing Serum, which will ensure perfect hydration and protect against external factors thanks to the anti-pollution ingredient. Pipette 1-2 doses of the serum into your hand and spread it on your face, neck and décolletage.

Our tip: If you have more time, light one of our soy candles.

Why does it work?

  • In winter, we especially need additional protection, not only against cold and temperature changes, but also against pollution, smog and loss of moisture.
  • Purpose of the serum: Improving the hydration of facial skin; ideal in situations when the skin is dehydrated due to air conditioning, heating or plane travel
  • The serum contains an anti-pollution ingredient, which gives the effect of a second skin, additional protection and smoothing, perfect under makeup
  • The body oil contains ylang - ylang essential oil, called a mood improver. Additionally, it contains jasmine and vanilla essential oils
  • "Protects" against bad mood caused by bad weather outside, lack of sun and pollution - in winter we largely struggle with smog

Why does duty become a pleasant ritual? : :

  • If we apply body oil especially to the upper parts - neckline, arms, neck - the scent will additionally float around us and make us feel positive during the day.

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